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Martine Raymonde Clavel is an employee with Apax Partners Sa, a private equity company. Martine is Partner and has served as Partner since 10/01/1996. Martine Clavel has an ownership stake in Apax Partners Sa of less than 5%. Jeff Goldblum and Tania Raymonde - Partners, Partnership Free Horoscopes charts, calculations Birth Natal Chart Online Calculator Ascendant, Rising Sign Calculator Astro Portrait: Sun, Moon, ASC Personal Daily Horoscope Transits, Progressions, Solar Return Synastry, Composite, Davison Chart Traditional Astrology Calculator Sidereal Astrology ... Stats, Wage and Net Worth. Speaking about her bodily looks, Raymonde has slender body kind with the ideal dimension of 34-23-34 inches. Tania stands 5 ft 5 inches tallness in height and contains the burden of about 55 kg or 121.254 pound) She’s a hot magnetic figure, natural breasts which need 34B bra size, blue coloured eyes, and dark coloured hair. Tania Raymonde is currently single. Relationships. Tania Raymonde has been in a relationship with Jeff Goldblum (2009 - 2010). About. Tania Raymonde is a 32 year old American Actress. Born Tania Raymonde Helen Katz on 22nd March, 1988 in Los Angeles, California, USA, she is famous for Malcolm in the Middle, Lost. Her zodiac sign is Aries. Raymonde Roumi Talent Acquisition Partner AMET at Johnson & Johnson الإمارات العربية المتحدة أكثر من 500 زميل View Raymonde Lavoie’s profile on LinkedIn, the world's largest professional community. Raymonde has 1 job listed on their profile. See the complete profile on LinkedIn and discover Raymonde’s connections and jobs at similar companies.



I started dating my girlfriend after college. I knew I kinda had different desires out of life than she did, but the relationship started casually so I didn't worry about it too much in the beginning. We were friends before partners. I'm not sure I want kids and have always had the wanderlust, travel bug. She wants kids and wants to live near her parents (a homebody) - something I don't want. I don't want an Everybody Loves Raymond situation.
As soon as I had job experience, I moved to Alaska. I told her I was probably gonna leave ahead of time thinking the relationship would end, but it didn't and she followed me up to Alaska 3 months after I got there. We ended up working at the same place in Alaska so we saw each other nearly every day. I ended up seeing too much of her, and it began to irritate me. We had been there about a year, and I texted my family members saying I was going to break up with her soon (I have the texts as proof).
Suddenly I get a phone call from a doctor saying she had a Brain Aneurysm rupture. 5 brain surgeries later, and following her to three different states for her rehab so she can learn to walk and talk again, I now live permanently with her and her parents. Her parents moved upstairs and gave her and I the master bedroom so she can navigate the house easier.
It's been over a year since her stroke. We went from living in two separate apartments to living under her parent's roof and sleeping in her parent's bed (It just feels weird to sleep in a bed you know her parents made love in, ya know?). I know this has been an adjustment for me, but it's nothing compared to what she has gone through and overcome in the last year. She has worked so hard, and I've grown to see what a wonderful person she really is.
unfortunately, I feel like the man in the book of James being "tossed about in the wind." I don't know what to do: stay or go. Her parents want me to move with them to Seattle which would be another 3-4 years before my girlfriend is able to move out and live with me independently. And on top of that, her mother is kind of manipulative and overbearing. She treats me and talks to me like I'm a child even though I moved out when I was 17. I have always been on my own and been self-supportive. She told me she would always want to be within 10 minutes of her daughter and she would follow us wherever we eventually moved. She brings up marriage regularly. Her mother has no boundaries, especially between she and her daughter. I want to be there for her. The thought of leaving her makes me sick. But I also feel I'll harbor resentment later down the road for not living the life I always wanted, my way.
TL;DR My girlfriend who I wasn’t sure about marrying had a stroke. I now live with her and her parents and they expect me to marry her. I’m not sure if I should. Sometimes I feel like I should and other times I don’t. What should I do?
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2020.09.18 13:15 lifehurtsandsodoi Anyone who needs a chat, I’m here. I mean anyone. If you’re feeling lonely and want to talk I’m the guy!

I really relate to where some of you all are at cause I’m there myself and have been before and I just want you to know that it does get better, you can find the fiends, partners, marriages you dream off, it’s never ever too late. If you’re needing inspiration take a look at Raymond moon. Body builder till his mid 80s I think.. I was given tips and tricks by acquaintances afforded to me by pure luck and right time right place. I’m here to tell you no matter your age, gender, race, sexuality.. if you think a chat would help then I promise I wanna talk. I was that guy sat im silence on my chair for days on end.. my throat crackling when a cold call came through and I realised I hadn’t spoken allowed in 3 days... it gets better folks and Tbf I also enjot and need my alone timeX and even having one other person in my life makes things 50% easier.
Massive love, respect and just pure joy to all of you. This truly is a wonderful sub!
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I started dating my girlfriend after college. I knew I kinda had different desires out of life than she did, but the relationship started casually so I didn't worry about it too much in the beginning. We were friends before partners. I'm not sure I want kids and have always had the wanderlust, travel bug. She wants kids and wants to live near her parents (a homebody) - something I don't want. I don't want an Everybody Loves Raymond situation.
As soon as I had job experience, I moved to Alaska. I told her I was probably gonna leave ahead of time thinking the relationship would end, but it didn't and she followed me up to Alaska 3 months after I got there. We ended up working at the same place in Alaska so we saw each other nearly every day. I ended up seeing too much of her, and it began to irritate me. We had been there about a year, and I texted my family members saying I was going to break up with her soon (I have the texts as proof).
Suddenly I get a phone call from a doctor saying she had a Brain Aneurysm rupture. 5 brain surgeries later, and following her to three different states for her rehab so she can learn to walk and talk again, I now live permanently with her and her parents. Her parents moved upstairs and gave her and I the master bedroom so she can navigate the house easier.
It's been over a year since her stroke. We went from living in two separate apartments to living under her parent's roof and sleeping in her parent's bed (It just feels weird to sleep in a bed you know her parents made love in, ya know?). I know this has been an adjustment for me, but it's nothing compared to what she has gone through and overcome in the last year. She has worked so hard, and I've grown to see what a wonderful person she really is.
unfortunately, I feel like the man in the book of James being "tossed about in the wind." I don't know what to do: stay or go. Her parents want me to move with them to Seattle which would be another 3-4 years before my girlfriend is able to move out and live with me independently. And on top of that, her mother is kind of manipulative and overbearing. She treats me and talks to me like I'm a child even though I moved out when I was 17. I have always been on my own and been self-supportive. She told me she would always want to be within 10 minutes of her daughter and she would follow us wherever we eventually moved. She brings up marriage regularly. Her mother has no boundaries, especially between she and her daughter. I want to be there for her. The thought of leaving her makes me sick. But I also feel I'll harbor resentment later down the road for not living the life I always wanted, my way.
TL;DR My girlfriend who I wasn’t sure about marrying had a stroke. I now live with her and her parents and they expect me to marry her. I’m not sure if I should. Sometimes I feel like I should and other times I don’t. What should I do?
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2020.09.17 20:29 notyamommasthrowaway It’s also ok to make your queer characters act...well, queer.

When discussing queer characters online, I see a lot of people criticize characters that are only defined by their sexuality or gender identity. And I agree, writing caricatures is bad.
I also see people say that the best gay characters are those who are, other than their choice in sexual partners, entirely indistinguishable from straight people. And I...don’t really agree with this.
Queer people cover the breadth of humanity just as much as straight people do. As a gay man, I have met plenty of gay people who you would never peg as gay on a first meeting. I have also met people who SCREAM queer, whom you would never for a moment think are straight. And I love and hate people from both of these categories, for reasons that have nothing to do with sexuality.
I see a lot of people point to Raymond Holt from Brooklyn 99 as an example of a really well done gay character, and I 100% agree, but I think a lot of people think that Holt is “a regular person that happens to be gay”. That just isn’t true. No, Holt doesn’t lisp or dress in drag or talk about gay culture all the time, but neither do a lot of gay people. However, in the VERY FIRST EPISODE of B99, we see that Holt is partly the way he is-a type-A, hyper organized, by-the-book police officer who will always stand for the right way to do things-BECAUSE of the discrimination he faces being a gay cop. In addition, the show DOES make Holt’s sexuality a source of comedy (“heavy breasts”)-but it’s never in mean spirit, and I think most importantly, the show never paints ANYONE who discriminates against him or is homophobic in general as a hero or in the right (looking at you, Persona 4...).
Now, there are queer people who actively try to act as “not-queer” as possible, and there are some fantastic depictions of people like that in media as well (as an example I’m particularly fond of Mickey from Shameless US). But on the off chance that any writers read this-it’s also 100% ok to write queer characters as BIG GAY. Because people like that exist, and a lot of them are amazing.
I think a lot of straight writers lean into writing gay people as “he’s basically exactly like I’d write a straight character except on page 117 he says ex-husband instead of ex-wife”. And I think a lot of them are probably afraid to make hurtful caricatures, and I appreciate the instinct. But it’s okay to write a character who is not only queer, but acts like it, as LONG as they are shown the same respect by the narrative as the straight people.
I wanted to end with a bunch of examples of media getting this right and there are a whole lot, but this is already going long so I’m gonna just include one of my favorites-
Sylvando from Dragon Quest 11
Now to be clear, Sylvando never calls himself gay or is ever seen to be with a man (Dragon Quest is pretty oriented towards kids and 11 really doesn’t go into romance much at all outside of a few brief moments), but he is the gayest character I have ever seen in a video game. He calls everyone “darling”, is the fantasy equivalent of a musical theatre major, and at one very memorable point, becomes the leader of a roaming parade of boy musicians wearing feather headpieces. His story, while not specifically queer, is largely about (minor DQ11 spoilers incoming) his father’s disappointment in who his son is, and his eventual acceptance of the amazing man he’s become.
And Sylvando fucking RULES. He’s treated like an absolute badass in the story (and was an absolute mainstay in my endgame party, but that’s not really the point). No one in the party treats him differently because of the way he is, and in fact he’s sort of the heart of the party. He’s absolutely the funniest main party member, but he is NOT a joke-if he makes you laugh, you’re laughing with him, not at him.
Again, there’s nothing wrong per se with writing a “straight acting” gay person (which, I could get into that’s in and of itself a particular manifestation of queerness but that’s another post entirely), but people shouldn’t be afraid to explore every part of this spectrum. You can write Kate Kane and it’s awesome, but you can also write Sylvando.
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2020.09.17 12:46 upbstock analysts

ACI Worldwide (ACIW) initiated with a Buy at Compass Point; tgt $40 Boston Scientific (BSX) initiated with a Buy at Truist; tgt $47 Cushman & Wakefield (CWK) initiated with an Outperform at Raymond James; tgt $18 CVS Health (CVS) initiated with an Overweight at Piper Sandler; tgt $72 Fidelity Nat'l Info (FIS) initiated with a Neutral at Compass Point; tgt $155 First Republic Bank (FRC) resumed with a Neutral at Piper Sandler; tgt $115 Fiserv (FISV) initiated with a Buy at Compass Point; tgt $130 Global Payments (GPN) resumed with a Buy at Compass Point; tgt $220 Huntsman (HUN) initiated with a Buy at Stifel; tgt $29 Jack Henry (JKHY) initiated with a Neutral at Compass Point; tgt $175 Maverix Metals (MMX) initiated with an Outperform at BMO Capital Markets; tgt $6.50 Q2 Holdings (QTWO) resumed with a Buy at Compass Point; tgt $120 Repay Holdings (RPAY) initiated with an Overweight at Barclays; tgt $28 Revolve Group (RVLV) initiated with a Buy at MKM Partners; tgt $24 Spectrum Pharma (SPPI) initiated with a Mkt Outperform at JMP Securities; tgt $12 Stitch Fix (SFIX) initiated with a Neutral at MKM Partners; tgt $25 Veeco Instruments (VECO) initiated with an Overweight at Barclays; tgt $15 Vericel (VCEL) initiated with a Buy at Truist; tgt $24
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2020.09.14 21:34 MGTElite489 Weekly Report: Week IV January 25, 2020 - January 31, 2020

Ladies and gentlemen, boys and girls, children of all ages, welcome to the fourth edition of the FNW Weekly Report! Where we recap everything that went down in (and out) of the squared circle for all four brands that are looking to change the professional wrestling world forever. Let's start things off with Apex Wrestling, and Flashpoint IV, emanating from Milwaukee, Wisconsin!

Apex Flashpoint IV

Angel Garza defeats The Miz (9:34)
El Hijo de Ninja's first match in Apex Wrestling turned out to be the A Lister the Miz, who was coming off being pinned by Tommaso Ciampa in the World Tag Team Championship match between #DIY and Miz and Morrison on Flashpoint II. Looking to get back on track, the Money Maker looked to spoil the rising upstart's arrival. But despite Morrison interfering on his behalf multiple times, Miz fell victim to Angel Garza's Wing Clipper, the new signee making a good debut for himself.

Following the show opener, we're hit with a vignette, where we see Mark and Vicky Haskins entering a bar, looking for a drink, only to get anything but a happy hour. Nonetheless, they're the last two standing in the middle of a full scale bar fight, showcasing just how accurate the "Overkill" nickname is when applied to Mark Haskins.

As the video caps off, we're then graced with the presence of Chris Hero, who demands an explanation from Drew Gulak as to why he ambushed him after his match two weeks before. But instead of getting who he wants, Hero faces off with the man he beat right before being attacked: Royce Isaacs. Isaacs claims his loss was simply a fluke, but right in the middle of his rant, he's rocked by a Rolling Elbow from the seasoned veteran, who's fed up with Isaacs mouth, and is solely focused on the University Stretcher.

Bobby Lashley defeats Royce Isaacs (0:22)
Isaacs' woes continue, as his opponent, the Dominator quickly has his way with him. After a quick spear and pin, Lashley's manager MVP goes on the mic and warns the Apex roster to stand back and let them past through, straight to the top of the mountain. As they arrive backstage, they find that Garza also has similar aspirations, leaving them to take it upon themselves to interrupt his interview and give him a personal notice that there is a new force to be reckoned with in Apex Wrestling.

The Sacred Ring make their appearance at the top of the stage, the trio making their presence known as they menacingly walk down the stairs and enter the ring, led by International Champion Timothy Thatcher. Thatcher addresses the events of last week, denouncing OJMO's intentions of coming after his strap once again. Axel Dieter Jr. is handed the stick, and he announces his intentions to chase after the Apex Tag Team Championships, saying that he and Marcel Barthel will dominate anyone who stands in their way, including the current champions, #DIY.

Apex Women's Championship First Round Match: Priscilla Kelly defeats Scarlett Bordeaux (8:12)
The Apex Women's Championship Tournament continues, with Priscilla Kelly going head to head against Scarlett Bordeaux. Hell's Favorite Harlot controls a good length of the match, until the Smokeshow is able to build offense and burst out of her predicament and straight into a comeback sequence. But just as she begins to build momentum, Scarlett's path to victory comes to a screeching halt, as Dexter Lumis appears, staring her down with an entranced look in his eye. Scarlett, stopping everything, is frozen by his gaze, leaving Priscilla the perfect opportunity to lock in the Roma Clutch, leaving Bordeaux no choice but to tap out, give her the win, and punch Kelly's ticket to the semi finals. After the match, Lumis stalks Bordeaux's unmoving body, drawing concerns from multiple referees, and even General Manager Aiden English, who all swoop in to protect her from this dangerous madman.

The frightening actions of Dexter Lumis are followed by the equality unsettling presence of Bray Wyatt. Wyatt welcomes everyone to the second episode of the Firefly Funhouse. He addresses Aleister Black's statement from the week before, warning him that the entity that cost him the Grand Championship is nothing like the world's ever seen before. On this being's behalf, Wyatt accepts Black's challenge for No Time To Die, before we are forced to bid an unsettling farewell to the Firefly Funhouse.

Back in the ring, Aiden English introduces the semi finalists of the Apex Women's Championship Tournament. Dakota Kai and Tegan Nox enter first, followed by Priscilla Kelly and Becky Lynch. English attempts to hype up the tournament finals occurring at No Time To Die, but Becky Lynch takes control of the segment, taking verbal shots on both members of Team Kick, saying Priscilla is the only competitor worthy of her attention. Nox attempts to get her point across and face off against Becky, but she's interrupted by Kelly, who says that Kai will be a cakewalk to run through on her way to the finals. After both Dakota and Tegan get worked up by their opponents, English decides that in one week, Team Kick will face Becky Lynch and Priscilla Kelly in tag team action. All four women leave the scene, the tension obviously still there and still rising. And before we know it, it's time for the main event...

Apex Grand Championship: Will Ospreay defeats Drew McIntyre (c) to win the Apex Grand Championship (13:26)
Two titans of the sport, two of arguably Apex's biggest stars clash over the promotion's top achievement. After a physical sequence that included the Scottish Terminator flying over the ropes for a big tope, Drew fell into a compromising position, unable to stop his hand from colliding with the steel steps after Ospreay dodged the knife edge chop. Taking advantage of the situation, Will took the damage further, crushing it in between the steps and the ring post. Nonetheless, Drew continued to fight, refusing to give in now. He planted a Glasgow Kiss on Ospreay, headbutting him into next week, building space. But ultimately, a badly placed Claymore kick proved to be the fall of McIntyre. Ospreay took advantage, sickeningly trying to tear the shoulder out of Drew's socket. Despite escaping the hold, McIntyre just didn't have anything in the tank to defend himself from Ospreay's deathblow, the Hidden Blade. Ospreay covered Drew as the referee came to, and made the cover to become your new Apex Grand Champion.

PRIDE Wrestling #004

Brit-Am Brawlers defeat New Day by DQ (14:25)
Detroit, Michigan is lit on fire as this tag team match kicks off the night in Little Caesars Arena. Oney Lorcan and Danny Burch, the no nonsense ass kickers of PRIDE, versus the gyrating, merch selling unicorns that are Xavier Woods and Kofi Kingston. After a bit of a rocky start, New Day tries fighting out from underneath, but Danny Burch takes back control of the match, even when Xavier Woods tries to distract the opposition with Francesca! Oney and Burch land stereo suicide dives, but loses control when trying for a springboard crossbody, getting a dropkick in the process. Kofi and Oney trade shots, going back and forth in the match, until Lorcan starts to get more momentum on his side. Woods and Kingston attempt to stifle him, but Lorcan has no plan to stop until he lands a gigantic half and half suplex from the top rope. He crawls over... about to make the cover... when the lights go out... in comes GoD. Tama Tonga and Tanga Loa clean house, kicking Burch and Lorcan's asses, forcing the referee to call the match off.

Once Brit-Am Brawlers vs New Day is called off, we travel backstage and watch as Jenn Decker interviews Roman Reigns, who's slated to compete in the Fatal Four Way main event that will determine PRIDE Champion Daniel Bryan's next challenger. Reigns promises he will bust ass and prove that he's top dog in the company, all while securing his spot against Daniel Bryan at Survival of The Fittest.

PRIDE Women's Championship Tournament First Round Match: Sasha Banks defeats Jordynne Grace (12:21)
After Roman's interview, we see the entrances of Jordynne Grace and Sasha Banks, two women who have the chance to move forward and get closer to becoming the inaugural PRIDE Women's Champion. After a collar and elbow tie up that falls in Grace's favor, Sasha attempts to use her speed and agility to tie up her opponent. Her and Jordynne trade submissions for a bit, before Sasha tries to lock in a quick Banks Statement, but Grace breaks out of it, thinking she's back in control, only for Sasha to put things right back at her speed with an arm drag! She follows up with a lariat, a suicide dive, and even a crossbody, and even when Grace counters that, Sasha is able to escape and hit a meteora! Both women struggle to roll back into the ring and beat the count, and continue their battle in the squared circle. Both women then continue, doing everything they can to score the final heat needed to come away with the victory. Grace comes dangerously close, slamming Sasha down with a Muscle Buster, before wrenching her arm back with a Fujiwara armbar. Somehow, someway, Banks is able to roll out and rally, landing a hurricanrana and a meteora in the corner. Finally Sasha locks in the Banks Statement, and refuses to let go, leaving Grace no choice but to tap out. Banks is moving on to the next round, and what a match to determine who would advance.

As the first round match wraps up, we go backstage, and see the General Manager of PRIDE, Paige speaking to someone we just barely can't see, only for a suited man to enter the frame, followed by KENOH, who's not exactly happy. The man, who turns out to be KENOH's translator, complains to Paige, saying that KENOH was expecting better competition when he signed with PRIDE, but last week's opposition clearly wasn't the case. As KENOH and the translator leave in a hurry, Paige returns to the first person she was talking to, asking when their client is available.

Street Profits defeat Gran Metalik and Lince Dorado (11:08)
In PRIDE's third match of the night, we see Angelo Dawkins and Montez Ford take on luchadors Metalik and Dorado, both teams jockeying for a better position in the tag ranks. Metalik starts off hot, landing a few quick shots on Ford for an early cover of two. But as he tags in Dorado, Ford is able to recover and deal out some offense of his own. Now with some space, Ford takes advantage by tagging in the fresh Dawkins, who pops off, landing a dropkick and a spinning Stinger Splash. Dorado is able to reverse Dawkins' powerbomb attempt into a frankensteiner. Tagging back in, Metalik rope walks like he only can and lands a splash, but cannot seal the deal. Metalik attempts to finish Dawkins off, but Angelo surprises him with a pop up spinebuster! Trying for another proves to be too much, as Dorado reverses and gets ready to cap things off with a shooting star press! But Dawkins lets out one last gasp, getting the knees up, before tagging in Ford and setting him up for the frog splash, getting the Street Profits a big win in the process!

Once PRIDE comes back from commercial, the floor soon belongs to Suzuki Gun, as the Sadistic One steps into the ring along with the Technical Wizard, the Right Hand of Destruction, the Bastard, and the Murderhawk Monster. Joe gets on the mic, and he goes over the losses his faction has been taking lately, but promises that those failures will be rectified... once they do away with some of the dead weight that's been dragging them down. They immediately turn toward PAC, and pounce on the Brit, beating on him and laying waste to their former brother in arms. After eating a big boot, a Zack Driver, a Gotch Style Piledriver, and a Coquina, PAC is finally left for dead as Suzuki Gun walks off, satisfied with their decision.

With the events that just went down, Kayla Braxton stands with the Switchblade Jay White, and asks him about his thoughts on what we just saw, as well as how he feels about tonight's main event. White brushes off both questions, saying kicking PAC out of Suzuki Gun won't help their cause in trying to fight the Bullet Club, and he will prove that tonight by being at the right place at the right time, and claim his right spot in the main event of Survival of The Fittest against Daniel Bryan for the PRIDE Championship.

Tomohiro Ishii defeats Austin Theory (8:37)
Two of the eight participants in the gauntlet match to crown an inaugural PRIDE Intercontinental Championship square off, the young prodigy Austin Theory facing off against the seasoned Strong Style veteran, Tomohiro Ishii. Theory is all talk in his little promo backstage, but the talk dies down once he comes face to face with the Stone Pitbull. It starts out as all Ishii, him just trampling Theory with chops and a decapitating lariat! He continues the onslaught on the outside, but Theory evades one of his attacks and takes advantage, landing a slingshot double foot stomp back in the ring. But despite landing that big move, it only takes attempting a fisherman's suplex for Ishii to fight back with a chop and an enzuigiri. Despite snapping Theory's neck with a German, Austin still has enough to get the shoulder up. In a last ditch effort, Theory was able to escape an Ishii Driller and land a Rolling Thunder Blockbuster. Knowing he had one chance at this, Theory turned around, looking for a moonsault, but Ishii moved at the last second, and put Theory out to pasture with a Ishii Driller. After the match, a furious Theory attempted to lay down steel across Ishii's spine, but the Stone Pitbull catches the chair and sends Austin packing.

Suddenly, there's a cutaway to backstage, where a commotion seems to have occurred. As Paige investigates, she realizes that the subject is Roman Reigns, who is laid out on the grown, out cold. With him planned to be in the Fatal Four Way later in the night, Paige realizes she might just have a substitute for him as PRIDE goes to commercial.

We come back to Chad Gable backstage, reviewing the footage last week, from when he was ambushed by Ace Austin after celebrating his victory. Gable brushes it off, saying that he refuses to let that stay in his head, and will instead move on to next week, when he goes head to head with fellow young upstart Austin Theory. Afterwards, the commentators give the viewers a preview of next week's show, before gearing up for the main event.

PRIDE Championship #1 Contenders' Fatal Four Way: Jay White defeats Tetsuya Naito, Chris Jericho, and Santos Escobar (18:54)
As White, Naito, and Jericho all prepare for the fight of their lives, they're surprised by the arrival of Taynara Conti, who appears on stage with a microphone. As it turns out, she's the client of the fourth entrant in this match, who is... Santos Escobar. Escobar enters to the shock of everyone, kicking off an insane battle, taking a shot at Chris Jericho, but most important targeting Tetsuya Naito's knee, ripping off the tape and beating on the injured appendage. Just like he promised, White picks his spots, pouncing on Naito when he gets the chance, destroying the leg even more so the Ungovernable One is damaged goods. With Conti's help as a distraction, Escobar is able to take control of the match at moments, laying waste to all three men, leading people to believe his first match in the company would end in a huge win. For a while, Escobar and the White went at it, both fighting tooth and nail, hoping it'll be enough to earn a shot against Daniel Bryan at Survival of The Fittest. But right at the climax of their battle Naito comes flying back in to interject himself! Escobar rolls out, and Jericho steps back into the match as he and Naito brawl! But right when it seems like Naito has this won, Escobar ruins the moment, wrecking his knee even further with a steel chair as the match goes on! Because of Escobar, Naito is dead on arrival... and who should reap the benefits but Jay White? After landing a Saito suplex on Escobar, the Switchblade steals the pin and signs his name to the main event of Survival of The Fittest!

Despite the match being over, and Jay White being carried by his Bullet Club comrades out of the building, the action doesn't stop as Escobar shoves away any help for Naito and continues attacking the leader of Los Ingobernables! Chris Jericho slowly comes to, will he put a stop to this? Of course not, he joins in and stretches out Naito in the Walls of Jericho! It is only until LIJ run down to make the save that they stop, and make to leave with Conti, only for Mansoor to block their path, swinging a steel chair! Escobar, Jericho, and Conti all make a break for the other barricade, hopping it and melting into the crowd as PRIDE goes off the air.


Chris Van Vliet hosted a docu-short earlier this week, going over the very short, but explosive history of REVOLT Wrestling, the supposed fourth competitor in the famed "Friday Night Wars". After going over its inception and first two events featuring some of the world's best talent, Van Vliet went in depth explaining some of the company's hardships. Starting with the #SpeakingOut Movement, he reflected on REVOLT receiving extensive backlash for not implementing background checks thorough enough to make sure their roster had no pressing allegations against them at the time of signing. Van Vliet also went over the timeline of the COVID-19 pandemic, stating that multiple roster and staff members being infected is what turned out to be the nail in the coffin, as Amazon Prime is seemingly having cold feet about continuing to support the promotion. But just when we get to the goods, and Van Vliet interviews Ricky Steamboat, inquiring about the future of REVOLT, the feed cuts out, and multiple graphics replace the interview, that of a diamond and "REVOLT" being crossed out in favor of "REBIRTH". More questions than answers come in light of this REVOLT Exposé.

Infinity Blackout IV

Infinity Wrestling comes at us from Full Sail University for the fourth edition of Blackout, and the crowd is on their feet, losing their minds, knowing that the promotion will outdo last week's phenomenal output in the form of Blackout III. Kicking off the show is Bianca Belair, who reflects on how she attacked Shayna Baszler last week, before saying it's just payback for Baszler targeting her eye on Night 2 of New Dawn, screwing her out of the chance to become the inaugural Infinity Women's Champion. While calling Baszler out, saying she wants a shot for the strap, she's interrupted by William Regal, who says that in order for Belair to qualify for a shot against Baszler, she's going to have to go through the Queen of Spades' fellow MMA compadres, Jessamyn Duke and Marina Shafir, in a handicap match. Belair immediately accepted, saying she doesn't care what she has to do to get in the ring with Baszler. As Belair leaves through the crowd, we prepare for the first match of the night...

8 Man Tag: Dead Rose Clique (Damian Priest, Lars Sullivan, Authors of Pain) defeats Bulletproof (Darby Allin, Luchasaurus, Marko Stunt, Joey Janela) (16:35)
The mystery partner that had been hyped up by Oblivion Champion Darby turned out to be the returning Bad Boy, who joined in the fight against the Dead Rose Clique! It was an eight man car crash, with Darby and Joey throwing caution into the wind against their much bigger opponents, who had a hard time dealing with the speed of their enemies. Marko Stunt has the highlight of the match, and possibly the night with a big assisted Canadian Destroyer to Akam at ringside, but the end of the match belonged to the Dead Rose Clique. Damian Priest landed a chokeslam on Darby, sending him flying from the top rope into the unforgiving barricade! Akam and Rezar turned the tide back in the ring, landing a brutal Super Collider on the two Jungle Express members, picking up the win for their faction.

Karl Anderson defeats Trent Seven (11:25)
Seven looked for revenge, following the team of Gallows and Anderson exploding onto the scene the week before, debuting at Mustache Mountain's expense, beating them down after their loss to the Authors of Pain. Seven burst out of the gate hot, using his power to take control of the match, but Anderson was experienced enough to stay in it, whether it was his agility, technical ability, or less than legal methods of dealing out damage. Gallows proved to be downfall of Seven, as his distraction gave Karl enough space to land a deadly Stun Gun for the victory. Leaving through the crowd, Gunz 'n' Gallows stared down Mustache Mountain back in the ring, cocky grins plastered over their face.

Cody Rhodes defeats Keith Lee (19:55)
After taking two straight losses in his open challenge, Lee hoped to turn around his fortunes, thinking that third time would be the charm. The American Nightmare answered the challenge, and went head to head with the Limitless One in an captivating bout! Lee put Rhodes through the announce table with a spinebuster, but Cody targeted the leg throughout the match, turning Lee into a one legged man with his American Nightmare submission hold. It looked like we were about to see Lee rectify his past two losses with a Supernova, only for Rhodes to flip the script and hit a Cross Rhodes, scoring the pin and adding his name to the list of people who successfully answered Keith's open challenge, along with Adam Cole and AJ Styles. After the match, Cody offered a handshake, but Lee couldn't respond before being attacked by Finn Balor! The Prince laid waste to Cody, expelling him to the outside, before destroying Lee's leg even further, ending the attack with a brutal Coup de grâce to stand tall at the end of the segment.

Ilja Dragunov defeats Hiromu Takahashi (13:00)
Hiromu's original opponent was slated to be BUSHI, but the Dead Rose Clique had other ideas, Lio Rush and Authors of Pain dragging his unmoving carcass out to the stage, posing with him as Hiromu stood shocked. The surprising look on his face when Rush announced his new opponent, Ilja Dragunov. Despite being thrown off guard, the Time Bomb fought back and tried to make this a competitive match, but Ilja had all the momentum on his side as he used his breakneck speed and chaotic speed to break Hiromu down bit by bit. All it took was a Torpedo Moscow to finish off Takahashi and claim a win for the newcomer. Lio attempted to be friendly with Ilja, but Dragunov shoved him off, before feeding him a Torpedo Moscow of his own! Dragunov stands over both competitors of the Empyrean Championship match at Blackout rolls on.

Nikki Cross defeats Alexa Bliss (11:30)
In Nikki Cross' first match in Infinity, the woman who stood in her way was none other than the Goddess Alexa Bliss, both wrestlers looking to climb up the ranks and prove themselves as a possible challenger for Shayna Baszler's Women's Championship. Cross came off as unhinged and spontaneous, thinking up of moves on the fly, while Bliss was more straightforward, obviously employing a strategy. However, that strategy was not enough, as Nikki's "Strike first, think later" attitude led her to landing the Purge on Alexa and getting the pinfall on her, making her debut on Blackout a complete success!

Phenomenal Ace vs The War Raiders ended in a double countout (25:45)
In the main event, we saw Bulletproof, represented by AJ Styles and Hiroshi Tanahashi, go to war with Hanson and Raymond Rowe, who were representing Rogue Glory. The War Raiders beat down Hiroshi Tanahashi at first, taking turns breaking down the old man as they got closer and closer to picking up a win for their team. But somehow, someway, Tanahashi was able to escape danger in the form of a Fallout, and send Raymond Rowe colliding with his tag team partner! Getting the hot tag to AJ, the Phenomenal One came in like a house of fire, landing a Stylin' DDT on both Hanson and Rowe, but Raymond quickly shut it down with a lariat. The War Raiders continue to dominate, until they collide into the referee in an attempt to finish AJ with the Call of Fenrir! In comes the Young Bucks! The Infinity Tag Team Champions Nick and Matt Jackson interfere on Styles' behalf, the Bulletproof comrades landing a barrage of superkicks on Rogue Glory's resident monster tag team! Styles and Tanahashi thought that was it, as AJ fell into the cover, but it wasn't! Following Hanson's kickout, the two teams continued to brawl, both inside the ring and out, until all Hell broke loose when Hanson hit AJ Styles with a Death Valley Driver off the top rope to the floor below on Rowe and Tanahashi, taking everyone out at once! The referee counted, and continued to count, and count... but unfortunately all we were left with from this amazing match was a draw, an inconclusive finish that left the fans begging for more.

After the match, as the War Raiders left the building, AJ Styles went on the stick, and accepted Adam Cole's challenge for Bulletproof to face Rogue Glory at Genocide, wanting to finish this affair between the two factions off for good. As the show came to a close, a graphic flashed on the screen, featuring AJ Styles, Hiroshi Tanahashi, and Joey Janela vs Adam Cole, Brodie Lee, and Killian Dain set for the Genocide PPV.

Week V Preview

Apex Wrestling
Next week, the Aerial Assassin, the NEW Apex Grand Champion, Will Ospreay will address the fans for the first time, and speak his mind on the actions he took to become champion. Drew Gulak and Io Shirai will be live, where Gulak will explain his actions, most notably attacking Chris Hero, and Shirai will confront her demons. Angel Garza has been invited to the VIP lounge to air his grievances to MVP. And finally, Flashpoint will feature blockbuster main event action as Team Kick takes on Becky Lynch and Priscilla Kelly, the semi finalists showing us a bit of a preview of what's to come.

PRIDE Wrestling
On PRIDE #005, we will see TJP face off against the Technical Wizard Zack Sabre Jr, Chad Gable going one on one against Austin Theory, and KENOH stepping into the ring with the Swiss Superman Cesaro. And as if that's not enough, the PRIDE Women's Championship Tournament kicks into second gear, as the semi finals begin with Kairi Sane taking on Candice LeRae. Finally, the reigning champion Usos will collide with Bullet Club's own Guerrillas of Destiny with the PRIDE Tag Team Championships on the line.

Infinity Wrestling
Infinity Wrestling continues to one-up itself every week, with Blackout V set to be an absolute banger of a show. We're seeing not one, but two championship matches, as Darby Allin defends his Oblivion Championship against Lars Sullivan, as well as The Young Bucks versus The Ghost Soldiers for the Infinity Tag Team Championships. Joey Janela faces Brodie Lee in a Street Fight, Luke Gallows faces Tyler Bate, Nikki Cross takes on Sonya Deville, and we'll see Bianca Belair compete in a 2 on 1 Handicap Match, where if she defeats Jessamyn Duke and Marina Shafir, she'll receive a Women's Title shot against Shayna Baszler. And for the second consecutive week, Blackout's Main Event is a stacked tag team bout; this time we only know 3 of the competitors! Cody Rhodes and Keith Lee team up to battle Finn Balor and a mystery DRC member; who will it be? Find out next week!

The Dirt Sheets

Apex Wrestling
  1. The wrestling world was in awe when Drew McIntyre shockingly lost the Apex Grand Championship to Will Ospreay. The exact events that took place are unclear, what we do know is that Drew is out with a broken hand and suspected separated shoulder. Also unclear is whether Ospreay went into business for himself or if a change was made on the fly.
  2. Insider talks have revealed that we will see the Apex Commissioner revealed in the coming weeks, who it could be is another question, some names that have been recommended are Stu Bennett, Shane McMahon or Trish Stratus.
  3. Apex have some big plans to rework the presentation of the product, this change could be coming with the introduction of the aforementioned Commissioner, all relying on the previous rumor, unclear how trusted these can truly be however.

PRIDE Wrestling
  1. For PRIDE #005, KENOH and Cesaro is apparently set to open the show, the company seems interested in what the new star can bring to the table, which is why they're putting him up against a versatile wrestler like Cesaro. The two were allegedly told to "show what they're made of" and are being given more time to give the fans a show of what they can deliver.
  2. Recently off life support, Enzo is allegedly using the time away from the ring to record a new album, the name of the project apparently being "Insanely Curing Unhappiness: ICU", and the lead single being called "Comatose State of Mind".

REVOLT Wrestling
  1. Sources claim that this entire hiatus and disappearance of REVOLT is simply a ploy in their plan to rebrand, including the docu-short from Chris Van Vliet. Some claims even suggest Van Vliet is outright collaborating with REVOLT, and is being brought on as a backstage personality once the company returns to television.
  2. On the flip side, reigning REVOLT Imperial Heavyweight Champion Kenny Omega seemingly confirmed the death of his home promotion, appearing at a AAA live event, challenging El Tejano Jr for the AAA Mega Championship. To further this claim, Omega also laid down the REVOLT strap in a casket in his cinematic vignette on Twitter, implying that he was moving on to new territory.
  3. On the flip flip side, speculation has been rising in terms of the other promotions involved in the Friday Night Wars, primarily Infinity Wrestling. Upper management has allegedly reached out to the higher ups at REVOLT, hoping to form a relationship not unlike the New Japan/Ring of Honor situation.

Infinity Wrestling
  1. The speculation over Infinity's potential fourth faction has been debunked; multiple insiders have revealed that Bulletproof, The Dead Rose Clique, and Rogue Glory are the only 3 factions planned for the rest of the calendar year.
  2. Infinity is supposedly heavily interwoven into the rebranding of REVOLT, with talent, production, and resources all being shared between the two companies as FNW's underground promotion undergoes changes.
  3. With Finn Balor attacking Keith Lee and Cody Rhodes this past Friday, Cody is set to start a program with Balor heading into Genocide, Keith entering himself in a Triple Threat with the other two for the PPV, however the latter has come from a new source, so take it with a pinch of salt.
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2020.09.13 00:47 PJCGames [BB] Big Brother: House of Temptation - All-Stars 2 (Season 21)

It's been anticipated for a long time now, but it's finally here... I present to you... Big Brother: House of Temptation: All-Stars 2!
This season, 16 of the best and most memorable past houseguests from the start until now got another chance at this game! With blindsides, alliances, and strategy all guaranteed to happen, who will get the win they're looking for, or will someone win again?! View the season now!
I hope you all enjoy this highly-anticipated season and the cast that makes it. Leave your thoughts down below!
Cast Information and Series Teasers: In the casting, there were some highly requested players. 2 were Jax, season 1 winner and season 7 winner, and The Syncopation, season 13 winner. Due to how the cast was coming together, I decided to not put them on, and save them for a season that is coming soon!! Some other requested players were Talia, Jeonghan, Jane (S16), and some others. They will be up for the vote for an upcoming second chances returnee season!
View the season here - SEASON 21 ALL-STARS LINK
View this seasons voting chart - SEASON 21 VOTING CHART
Natalie Gron, 29, Model - Season 3, 2nd & Season 7, 6th - u/TishaPotatoisqueen11
Nari Higashikata, 39, Dancer - Season 5, 2nd & Season 10, 4th - u/somewell
Dave Downs, 35, TV Star - Season 8, Winner - u/cpanati
Hugo Nunez, 30, Entrepreneur - Season 9, 5th & Season 15, 2nd - u/timetotriggeryou4
Maria José Abasto, 36, Performer - Season 12, 2nd & Season 18, 3rd - u/Nahuelfire39
Quiz Tinerra, 39, NASCAR Driver - Season 13, 5th - u/asiansurvivorfan
Hudson "Hud" Ewing, 29, Graphic Designer - Season 13, 3rd & Season 17, 6th - u/SilverOwl24
Jennifer Beau, 27, Model - Season 14, Winner - u/ParisGoldC
Gary Alexander, 25, Fashionista - Season 15, 7th & Season 18, 8th - u/blxxdymxry
Kim Sims, 35, Hotel Clerk - Season 16, 5th - u/timetotriggeryou4
Raymond Franks, 23, College Graduate - Season 16, Winner - u/Pray_The_Gay_To_Come
Samuel "SS" Smith, 25, Freelance Artist - Season 17, 4th - u/Pray_The_Gay_To_Come
Elizabeth McMillan, 43, Entrepreneur - Season 18, Winner - u/wordonthestreet2
Isabela Amahd, 19, Student - Season 19, 6th - u/swoldow
Sita Singhal, 28, Professional Golfer - Season 20, 2nd - u/Wow_its_a_Korkskrew
Eric Chang, 26, Professional Gamer - Season 20, Winner - u/asiansurvivorfan
Opening: The all-stars, some after seasons and seasons of waiting, make their way into the house once again for another shot. Some bonds begin early on, and alliances blossom. Hud makes 2 final 2 deals with his 2 previous competitors, SS and Quiz. The season 15 and 18 players come together as well for a 4 person group. The first HOH is soon to be crowned!
Week 1: Evicted: Eric Gary is the first HOH of the season! He makes a big move by throwing the season 20 dynamic duo on the block. Hugo wins the veto and respects his season 15 ally's nominees. The house decides to take out the previous winner instead of runner-up, and Eric comes off the show as a winner and comes back in and goes right back out. Dave and Beth have an altercation. I'm not sure how this week will affect Sita's game.
Week 2: Evicted: Bela Ray decides to go all-in for the HOH and wins it. He puts up 2 strong women, Natalie and Bela. When Gary wins POV, the house must decide which of the 2 to send home. SS lashes out at Bela and makes her the main target once and for all. She is on the outs, and the house evicts her with all but Hud's vote. It sucks that Bela wasn't able to show all her cards this time around, but the game must go on!
Week 3: Evicted: Hud So sad Hud couldn't show his skills on all-stars! Natalie was able to take him out. She put him up next to Ray, a way bigger target. He won himself the veto, and Natalie threw Sita up next to Hud as a pawn, and the votes were locked to send Hud home. I'm sad he's out, but it was a good move and he was playing very hard socially since the start. Dave has been making bad blood with some of the players so far.
Week 4: Evicted: Beth Quiz becomes the new HOH, and puts the 2 female winners on the block. Jenn is able to save herself and advance, but Beth found herself outside of the house after eviction night. Natalie went up next to her and wasn't very happy about it. Beth won one of the best seasons, so I was so happy she could come back. I knew she wasn't gonna go far because she was very dangerous in the endgame on her season, so I doubt the players would've let her get far again.
Week 5: Evicted: Sita This week was not very surprising. Sita was alone and the house easily got her out to make the jury. Natalie won her second HOH and made this move. A bigger player, Quiz, could've gone home, but he saved himself. As the jury begins, competitions are very important and big moves will for sure be made.
Week 6: Evicted: Maria José So sad she went home! Ray won his second HOH, and took a shot at the tight-knit group by putting Hugo and MJ on the block. I was surprised that Gary didn't use the veto, but it was smart because he knows that the two nominees have a history of going far and winning things. I was hoping MJ would go far for a third time, but at least she made jury. Don't be upset if she's one of your favorites, because she'll never say no to playing this game.
Week 7: Evicted: Jenn The third winner exits this week. Dave wins his first HOH and targets Jenn and SS. Ray wins another comp and saves his friend SS. This leaves Hugo to go up once again, but Jenn is targeted and sent home. Out of all the winners, I thought she'd be overlooked and do good, and I'm happy she came back! This game is progressing towards the end, I'm so excited!
Week 8: Evicted: Dave Hugo goes from 2 times on the block to being the new HOH! He throws the 2 winners left on the block, but Ray is able to save himself once again. This leaves him to put Nari up next to him. The vote is split, and Hugo evicts Dave. This was shocking to him, and he stormed out of the house. This game is dwindling in numbers, and it seems like Ray and Nari are on the outs.
Week 9: Evicted: Nari Quiz becomes the new HOH, and targets two girls, Natalie and Kim. Natalie being a bigger target, Kim is more of the floater. SS is able to get the veto in his first competition win. He saves his ally Kim, and Nari is backdoored and evicted. I think Natalie is definitely the bigger threat, but the bigger alliance sent her out. Ray will most likely be next. Gary, Hugo, and SS are in the best spot.
Week 10: Evicted: Ray After the house decides to keep her, Natalie wins the HOH. She puts up Quiz and Hugo, but Hugo wins the veto. This was in Natalie's plan, and she backdoors Ray, and Kim is the only one wanting to keep him. This was awesome on Natalie's part. Ray is one of the best winners, and his chances of pulling it off again were slim, but he did great!
Week 11: Evicted: Quiz Another big player is sent home! Gary makes this move. He wins the HOH to secure that he will make it further than he ever has previously, and he puts up SS and Natalie because they are frontrunners next to him. When Hugo wins the veto, he takes Natalie down, forcing Gary to nominate either Quiz or Kim. Kim is easier to beat, so he throws up Quiz and he goes to the jury. He storms out of the game. Quiz was someone I was extremely looking forward too, and I'm happy he got another shot, he was close!
Week 12: Evicted: Kim SS is the final 5 head of household, and a new alliance forms to turn on Kim. He gets Natalie and Hugo nominated, but Hugo pulls himself off, so he backdoors Kim and evicts her in a tie. All 4 players left are extremely capable of winning this game. Gary has yet to even be nominated. Kim played a more neutral game this season and slipped her way past week by week. Ray was really holding her game together, so once he left she became an easy vote off. She was able to make 5th place again! The strategy at this point is so good!
Week 13: Evicted: SS Gary secures his spot in the final 3, and so does Hugo by winning the POV! This leaves Natalie and SS nominated, and Hugo eliminates SS, making him come in 4th once again. SS was really good this season, I knew he was gonna get this far in my predictions, because he had the smallest name and recognition out of all these players, so I knew he wouldn't really be targeted until the end. Hugo realizes this and sends him out. Any of these final 3 could win this HOH, but I say Gary is the frontrunner, so proud of these players!
Final 3: Evicted: Natalie Gary wins and takes Hugo to the final 2! This is so impressive because he now has tied with Hugo with the most competition wins and was never even close to the block this whole season! I loved having Natalie back by herself, she's super entertaining and a great player. I think she was expecting to be taken to the final 2, but she was blindsided and mad about it. Gary has taken his season 15 friend and the stronger comp player to the final 2! I could see this vote being split or unanimous, but it looks like Gary will be winning this season!
Runner-Up: Hugo Hugo is such a great houseguest! I think he's one of the best guys that's never won. He had a fire under him after competing twice before, being a frontrunner, then just barely losing. Although that happened again, I think he is happy with and feels good about his runs on the show. He did great on the comps this season and has won a total of 18 competitions in all of his seasons. I think Gary had the edge on him, but he was so great to have and I'm happy he made endgame for the third time.
Winner: Gary I am soooo happy! When Gary went home on both his previous seasons I was super bummed. He is such a notorious villain and this season he did the best he ever has. I was hoping someone like Quiz, Hugo, Hud, Maria José, or him would win because they have gone multiple times just barely missing it, and he was able to do it. But besides the point, he won 6 competitions, was extremely strategic and social, and was never on the block at all on an all-star season! This was so crazy to me. But I know Gary and how he plays so this was no shocker. Such a great ending!
Fan Favorite: Maria José Yes! She is definitely a fan-favorite on this season and this makes up for her not being able to get her deserved win this season. I was so happy to have her back, and I don't think she'd ever stop playing BBHOT! Maybe she and her husband could come back sometime.
Possible for an all-star or returnee season:>! All of these players are iconic and could play again, but I think the best contenders would be Hugo, Maria José, Ray, Hud, and Quiz.!<
Notable Stats!
Most Wins: Gary and Hugo, 6 wins each
Most Times Nominated: Hugo and Natalie, 7 nominations
Most Votes Against: Eric, Bela, and Sita, 11 votes each
Times Veto Was Used: 10 times
Final Thoughts: I have been waiting for this season for a long time, and I loved how it turned out! I had so much fun making this and putting the cast together. There was so much strategy and all of these players were fully-fledged all-stars. The end outcome really made this season fully complete and awesome. Some players repeated history and other completely changed it. So happy!
Season 1
Season 2
Season 3
Season 4
Season 5
Season 6
Season 7: All-Stars
Season 8
Season 9
Season 10: Newbies vs. Veterans
Season 11
Season 12: Couples
Season 13
Season 14
Season 15: Coaches
Season 16
Season 17
Season 18: Generations
Season 19
Season 20: Strength vs. Skill
Season 21: All-Stars 2
Season 22 casting coming asap!
Leave thoughts and suggestions down below!
~Brought to you by u/PJCGames~
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2020.09.12 14:49 JBL_0 3 tons of cocaine headed for New York City seized off Mexican coast

3 tons of cocaine headed for New York City seized off Mexican coast

2,960 Kilograms of cocaine seized
NEW YORK - Three accused Mexican drug traffickers were charged with conspiring to transport more than three tons of cocaine into the United States, said federal, state and local officials.
On or before September 1, the Mexican Navy began tracking a Go-Fast boat headed north in the Caribbean Sea off the coast of Quintana Roo. Navy officers seized the vessel containing approximately 2,960 kilograms of cocaine, according to Audrey Strauss, Acting U.S. Attorney for the Southern District of New York.
Raymundo Montoya-Lopez, 45, Abraham Alfonso Garcia-Montoya, 31, and Felizardo Diaz-Hernandez, 39, all of Sinaloa, were found on the boat and arrested.
“As alleged, these defendants are responsible for the attempted importation of more than three tons of cocaine into the United States. Thanks to the work of the DEA and the Mexican Navy, the shipment was interdicted and the defendants are in custody and facing federal prosecution," said Strauss.

DEA Merida Resident Office and Mexico's Secretaria de Marina sieze over 3 tons of cocaine from boat off the coast of Quintana Roo
Along with the U.S. Drug Enforcement Agency, NY State Police and the NYPD assisted in the seizure.
“Law enforcement thwarted cartel plans to saturate the American drug market with cocaine by intercepting over three tons of cocaine heading towards American towns," said DEA Special Agent in Charge Raymond P. Donovan. "This international enforcement operation has saved lives and reemphasized law enforcement’s commitment to keeping America safe from drug trafficking, drug abuse, and violent crime.
“This case is another illustration of our joint, ongoing responsibilities in eradicating international drug trafficking," said NYPD Commissioner Dermot Shea. "Our NYPD officers, working with our law enforcement partners and federal prosecutors, follow the facts anywhere in the world to achieve justice, in this case interdicting nearly three tons of cocaine off the coast of Mexico.”
The suspects each face a minimum 10 years in prison and a maximum sentence of life in prison if convicted.
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2020.09.09 13:28 thegeneraluzi HYAC - Haymaker / ARKO Holdings and GPM- Announce Business Combination

Combined Company, ARKO Corp., Positioned for Continued Strong Growth within Recession-Resilient U.S. Convenience Store Industry
Anticipated 2021 Pro-forma Adjusted EBITDA\ expected to be $210 to 215 million*
Joint Investor Call Scheduled for Wednesday, September 9, 2020 at 9:00 AM ET
NEW YORK, Sept. 09, 2020 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Haymaker Acquisition Corp. II (NASDAQ: HYAC) (“Haymaker”), a publicly traded special purpose acquisition company, ARKO Holdings Ltd. (“Arko”), an Israeli public holding company (TASE: ARKO) whose primary asset is a controlling stake in GPM, and GPM Investments, LLC (“GPM” or the “Company”), announced today that they, and certain other related parties, have entered into definitive agreements for a business combination, pending shareholder approval. The transaction is expected to close in the fourth quarter of 2020 and upon closing, the combined company is expected to be listed on the Nasdaq Stock Market under the ticker symbol ARKO.
GPM, the seventh largest convenience store chain in the United States, has grown its store count from 320 stores in 2011 to 1,393 locations as of June 30, 2020 in 23 states comprised of 1,266 company-operated stores and 127 additional sites to which it supplies fuel. The Company operates in three segments: retail, which consists of fuel and merchandise sales to retail consumers; wholesale, which supplies fuel to third-party dealers and consignment agents; and GPM Petroleum, which supplies fuel to Company stores as well as subwholesalers and bulk purchasers.
Given substantial rollover from existing equityholders, upon completion of the transaction, pro-forma leverage, defined as Net Debt to 2020E Pro Forma Adjusted EBITDA, is expected to be approximately 1.7x. It is anticipated that the combined company will have an equity market capitalization at closing of approximately $1.4 billion. Anticipated total enterprise value, pro-forma for the pending acquisition of Empire Petroleum which GPM anticipates closing in the beginning of the fourth quarter of 2020, is expected to be approximately $2.0 billion, or ~9x GPM’s 2021E Pro Forma Adjusted EBITDA.
Arie Kotler, Chief Executive Officer of Arko and GPM, commented: “We are excited to reach a larger global audience through the pending business combination with Haymaker and subsequent listing on the Nasdaq Stock Market. We have an established platform for identifying and integrating successful acquisitions in the growing, fragmented and historically recession resilient convenience store industry as well as attractive organic sales and profitability drivers. This transaction provides us with increased liquidity and access to the broader capital markets, enabling us to continue to execute on our proven growth strategy as we expand our network of convenience stores across the United States.”
Steven Heyer, CEO and Executive Chairman of Haymaker, commented: “Arko and GPM are the ideal partners for Haymaker. Their business has all of the key attributes we were seeking and we are very pleased to announce the definitive agreement for this combination. We believe Arko and GPM, with their established platform for growth, talented and driven management team, and demonstrated success operating in an attractive end market, will drive value for all stakeholders. Given the current environment, the Company’s resilient business model is particularly relevant, the inherent growth drivers extremely compelling, and their disciplined execution commendable. We are excited to continue to work with Arie and his team as we broaden the shareholder base globally at the newly combined Company and build on their successful track record of growth.”
\ Adjusted EBITDA is calculated as EBITDA further adjusted by excluding the gain or loss on disposal of assets, impairment charges, acquisition costs, other non-cash items, and other unusual or non-recurring charges. Pro forma Adjusted EBITDA gives effect to acquisitions and synergies for the entire period presented irrespective of the actual timing of acquisitions or commencement of synergies during the period.*
Highlights of the proposed transaction:
\\** NACS State of the Industry Report
Raymond James & Associates, Inc. is serving as lead financial and capital markets advisor. Nomura Securities International, Inc., Stifel, Nicolaus & Company, Incorporated, BMO Capital Markets Corp., and Citigroup Global Markets Inc. are serving as financial advisors and capital markets advisors to Haymaker. Cantor Fitzgerald & Co. is serving as capital markets advisor to Haymaker and Morgan Stanley & Co. LLC is serving as financial and capital markets advisor to Arko. DLA Piper LLP (US), Gornitzky & Co., and Ellenoff Grossman & Schole LLP are serving as legal advisors to Haymaker. Greenberg Traurig, LLP and S. Friedman & Co. are acting as legal advisors to Arko.
Investor Conference Call Information: Arko, GPM, and Haymaker will host a joint investor conference call to discuss the proposed transaction Wednesday, September 9, 2020 at 9:00 AM ET. Interested parties may listen to the prepared remarks via telephone by dialing 1 (877) 407-3982 in the United States, 1 (809) 406 247 in Israel, or 1 (201) 493-6780 in other countries. Please reference Conference ID 13708312 when prompted.
The conference call webcast, a related investor presentation with more detailed information regarding the proposed transaction and a transcript of the investor call will be available at www.haymakeracquisition.com. The investor presentation will also be furnished today to the Securities and Exchange Commission (the “SEC”), which can be viewed at the SEC’s website at www.sec.gov.
Additional Information Posted to Website
Haymaker posted information regarding the proposed transaction, which is available at www.haymakeracquisition.com. The investor presentation will also be furnished today by Haymaker to the SEC on a current report on Form 8-K, which can be viewed at the SEC’s website at www.sec.gov.
About GPM and Arko: Based in Richmond, VA, GPM was founded in 2003 with 169 stores and has grown through acquisitions to become the 7th largest convenience store chain in the United States, with 1,393 locations comprised of 1,266 company-operated stores and 127 dealer sites to which it supplies fuel, in 23 states. GPM operates in three segments: retail, which consists of fuel and merchandise sales to retail consumers; wholesale, which supplies fuel to third-party dealers and consignment agents; and GPM Petroleum, which supplies fuel to GPM stores as well as a small number of independent operators and bulk purchasers.
Arko is the controlling shareholder of GPM (owns ~68%) and, as part of the proposed transaction, the shares of Arko will be de-listed from Tel-Aviv stock exchange. At the closing of the proposed transaction with Haymaker, Arko will have no material independent operating activities, income, or net assets, other than its ownership interest in GPM.
About Haymaker: Haymaker is a $400 million blank check company formed for the purpose of entering into a merger, capital stock exchange, asset acquisition, stock purchase, reorganization or similar business combination with one or more businesses. The Company’s acquisition and value creation strategy is to identify, acquire and, after its initial business combination, build a company in the consumer, retail, media, or hospitality industries. The Company is led by Chief Executive Officer and Executive Chairman Steven J. Heyer, President Andrew R. Heyer, Chief Financial Officer Christopher Bradley, and Senior Vice President Joseph Tonnos. For more information about Haymaker, please visit www.haymakeracquisition.com.
Additional Information and Where to Find It ARKO Corp. intends to file a registration statement on Form S-4, which will include a prospectus with respect to ARKO Corp.’s securities to be issued in connection with the proposed transaction and a proxy statement with respect to Haymaker’s stockholder meeting to vote on the transaction (the “Haymaker proxy statement/prospectus”), with the SEC. In addition, Arko will prepare a proxy statement (the “Arko proxy”), which will include the Haymaker proxy statement/prospectus as an exhibit thereto, to be filed with the Israel Securities Authority (the “ISA”). ARKO Corp., Haymaker, GPM and Arko urge investors and other interested persons to read, when available, the Haymaker proxy statement/prospectus and the Arko proxy, as well as other documents filed with the SEC and the ISA, because these documents will contain important information about the proposed transaction. When available, the Haymaker proxy statement/prospectus and other relevant materials for the proposed transaction will be mailed to stockholders of Haymaker as of a record date to be established for voting on the proposed transaction. The Haymaker proxy statement statement/prospectus, once available, can be obtained, without charge, at the SEC’s web site (http://www.sec.gov).
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2020.09.08 02:01 -sup [CONFLICT] Hey...uh...so wanna spitroast Israel? Totally kidding! Unless....haha jk. But really you wanna? haha jk, unless...?

The rogue Israeli regime continues to threaten not only its own citizens and the holy and incredibly sacred sites within its borders, but also Middle Eastern peace at large and our strong ally and regional partner, the United Arab Republic. While we have no specific treaty obligations to defend the UAR from Israel, we cannot in good conscience let them fight the war on their own and so have prepared a deployment to assist UAR forces operating against Israel.
The Laurentian operation, titled OP - CRUSADE as a homage to the conquests of the Holy Land in days past, will primarily focus around filling in gaps in UAR capability and preventing advanced Israeli weapons from posing a threat to the somewhat technologically inferior UAR military.
The air portions of the operation will be launched from Al Asad Airbase, with deployed MIM-104F Patriot PAC3 batteries providing air defense of the surrounding area in conjunction with Laurentian air superiority operations. All in all, we see very little chance of far inferior Israeli aircraft being able to penetrate UAR airspace deep enough to cause problems with base operations.
The following forces will be deployed to the region:
Unit/Name Type Quantity (if applicable) Location/Notes
Spencer Stone Flight II (LNS Raymond A Spraunce) Guided Missile Cruiser - Eastern Mediterranean
Spencer Stone Flight II (LNS Samuel B Roberts) Guided Missile Cruiser - Eastern Mediterranean
Spencer Stone Flight II (LNS David M Borja) Guided Missile Cruiser - Eastern Mediterranean
Mauna Kea (LNS Denali) Destroyer - Eastern Mediterranean
Mauna Kea (LNS Fremont) Destroyer - Eastern Mediterranean
MH-60S Seahawk ASW Helicopter 3 Embarked upon Spencer Stone cruisers
Naval Support Group
Freedom (LNS Liberty) Littoral Combat Ship - Eastern Mediterranean / MCM Package
Freedom (LNS Freedom) Littoral Combat Ship - Eastern Mediterranean / ASW Package
Independence (LNS Independence) Littoral Combat Ship - Eastern Mediterranean / ASuW Package (NSM)
Independence (LNS Republic) Littoral Combat Ship - Eastern Mediterranean / ASuW Package (NSM)
Independence (LNS Coronado) Littoral Combat Ship - Eastern Mediterranean / ASuW Package (NSM)
MH-60S Seahawk ASW Helicopter 5 Embarked upon Freedom and Independence LCS
Henry J. Kaiser (LNS Walter S. Diehl) Replenishment Oiler - Eastern Mediterranean
Henry J. Kaiser (LNS John Ericsson) Replenishment Oiler - Eastern Mediterranean
Air Component
B-21 Raider Strategic Bomber 4 Al Asad Airbase / 2 outfitted as air-to-air arsenal planes with AIM-120 AMRAAM, 2 outfitted for ground attack with AGM-114 Hellfire
F-35A Lightning II Multirole Fighter 24 Al Asad Airbase
F-22A Raptor Air Superiority Fighter 12 Al Asad Airbase
KC-46 Pegasus Aerial Refuelling 6 Al Asad Airbase
EC-130H Compass Call II Electronic Warfare 3 Al Asad Airbase
E-3 Sentry AWACS 1 Al Asad Airbase
MIM-104F Patriot PAC3 Air Defense 4 Al Asad Airbase
DESRON 3 and its naval support group will move in on Israel, with the Independence, Republic, and Coronado targeting Israeli Saar-class missile boats and the Liberty and Freedom performing mine countermeasures and anti-submarine warfare roles, respectively. The 8x Naval Strike Missiles in the anti-surface warfare modular mission package should make quick work of the light Israeli surface combatants, but if they encounter heavy resistance, the heavier combatants of DESRON 3 can step in. The MH-60S Seahawks embarked on the ships can supplement the ASuW and ASW activities.
The B-21 Raider arsenal planes will work alongside the F-22s to ensure total Laurentian-UAR air superiority over the Levant. Sensor data from seaborne AEGIS as well as AWACS will be employed to find and strike Israeli air targets, with the ultimate goal being the complete elimination of all Israeli aircraft. The AIM-120 AMRAAM can be employed in a fire-and-forget mission on aircraft being tracked by AWACS, in effect allowing weapons operators on B-21 to sit and simply press the fire button any time the screen flashes with a new target. EC-130H will conduct electronic warfare and jamming operations initially on Israeli air defence, targets that will then be struck and destroyed by F-35, and can also be employed to jam Israeli communications and other assets as requested by UAR operatives on the ground.
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2020.09.06 02:28 birdworld_ My Thailand Season Analysis/Character Rankings

Hey everyone, I just finished Thailand as I continue my first full rewatch of the entire series and thought it would fun to collect some of my thoughts after every season with some character rankings and season analysis!
Before we get into it, here are a couple notes:
Alright finally, let’s jump into Survivor: Thailand!
Season Overview
I don't think I'm breaking any news here but people don't really tend to like Thailand very much. I can't say it's my favorite either. The pre-merge would've been decent if it weren't dominated by GrindGate, which I don't enjoy. The post-merge as a whole is pretty joyless and the Pagonging is maybe one of the most drawn out boring Pagongings of all time, with a lot of unpleasant people hanging around until the end.
With that being said, Thailand plays WAY better on a rewatch. Knowing what's to come, I was kind of able to sit back and enjoy the absurdity and hilarious moments that happen in Thailand. The cast is not likable, but it is funny, even if not always intentionally. There are a lot of characters that get better on the rewatch, and I would say it's worth your time if its been a while since you last watched season 5. Like most Thailand is not my favorite season, and it's by far the worst we've gotten to so far, but it's not as bad as I had remembered.
Cast Rankings/Analysis
Jed Hildebrand (14th) - Jed was obviously cast for his looks, which isn’t a bad thing. But aren’t there hot people that also have personalities? I’m comfortable saying Jed is one of the top five most boring castaways of all time, and thank goodness he also sucked at Survivor so he was only on the show for three episodes.
John Raymond (16th) - Man, in order to get kicked off of the physically over matched tribe as one it’s most fit, strongest guys - especially in the early days of the show - you had to be really bad at Survivor. Pastor John was really bad at Survivor. He was overbearing, annoying, and he separated himself from the tribe. I can’t say I’m torn up by the fact that he got voted off because he didn’t really even manage to be that entertaining while screwing up everything he possibly could.
Erin Collins (9th) - Erin is good looking and she seems like a really nice person. After watching her in eight episodes of Survivor that’s all I can really say about her.
Stephanie Dill (12th) - Stephanie sank her own game by getting sick from sleeping out in the rain, which is kind of badass in its own way. Stephanie is as stubborn as her partner in crime Jed and almost as invisible. However, she shows a pulse unlike her counterpart. Despite some lowkey fun moments and scenes, Stephanie is mostly a dud and one of the less memorable classic Survivor players.
Ted Rogers, Jr. (5th) - Ted has two memorable moments, one is sexual harassment and the other is being drunk and obnoxious. Neither are enjoyable to me, both are played for laughs on the show. Grindgate is not something I find funny or entertaining in the slightest. The drunk scene is harmless but not my cup of tea. Outside of that, Ted is just kind of a forgettable putz. While he’s no Dan Spilo his actions in episode 3 really do make it hard for me to enjoy his character.
Clay Jordan (2nd) - Clay is a character that definitely fares better on a rewatch. The first time I saw Thailand Clay was maybe my least favorite player of all time - he’s rude, unlikable, and just an overall shitty guy. He’s also goofy though, and when I knew he wasn’t going to win on my second watch I was able to enjoy his antics a little bit more. At the end of the day though, Clay is still so unlikable that I can’t put him any higher.
Tanya Vance (15th) - I don’t have much to say about Tanya, as she isn’t particularly memorable. She’s another classic early boot that really only got voted out because she was sick. It’s a shame too, as Tanya seems like a really great person that would have provided some light on a pretty grim season… However, it was either her or Helen, so I suppose it was for the best.
Penny Ramsey (7th) - I know Penny gets a good amount of love from the community nowadays, but she really doesn’t do much for me. I can appreciate that she was hardcore and competitve but also sweet. I like how we hear a lot about how hard Penny is playing the game but I’m not sure we ever see it except when she snuffs Jakes torch in the episode 10 immunity challenge. I don’t dislike Penny, but I didn’t root for her on my first watch and she didn’t stand out on a rewatch.
Jan Gentry (3rd) - Jan is a character that I have mixed feelings about. She’s very kooky and I really find a lot of her scenes to be gold. I generally love crazy characters like Jan, take Linda from season 3 for example. I think what hurts my enjoyment of Jan’s character is that she sticks around for wayyyy too long. If Jan were to come in, cry about a dead baby bat, lay in the ocean while Helen gets the water, fall over drunk and get voted out in like 11th place, she would’ve been an amazing character. Unfortunately Jan is maybe one of the most clueless players in the show's history, and by the grace of God she’s able to get third place. This not only gives time for her weirdness to grow old, but it puts her in positions where she has to play the game, which is beyond frustrating to watch and only adds to the disappointing nature of Thailand’s post-merge.
Ken Stafford (8th) - Ken is another one of the not very memorable castaways from Thailand. Unlike some of the other underedited characters though, I actually really like Ken. He’s extremely good looking and likable, and I think production was probably hoping he would be the hero of the season going into it. I also think he’s severely underused as a narrator, because he has some really great sound bites, and his Final Tribal speech is really unique and interesting. All-in-all I think Ken was a good Survivor character that got stuck on the wrong tribe, on the wrong season with the wrong editing, and those factors make him pretty forgettable.
Ghandia Johnson (13th) - It’s a travesty that Ghandia is solely remembered for GrindGate, because she was a fun character. One of the many reasons I hate GrindGate is that it deprives us of more Ghandia. She was only in the season for four episodes, but Ghandia has more memorable hilarious moments than most Survivors who have lasted the whole game. Two of my personal favorites are her barking during the Attack Zone challenge and calling Clay and Ted “Moo cow and Fat Albert.” Ghandia is awesome, and I think the fact that her, Robb and Shii Ann all go out pretty early is a huge factor as to why the post-merge is so joyless.
Brian Heidick (1st) - Okay, I have some hot takes. Brian is a really good character for episodes 13 and 14, when he really grows into his “Mr. Freeze” persona. His “three pieces of ammunition” confessional is one of my favorites in series history. Before that though, Brian is boring. He’s uninteresting, unintelligible or just straight up sexist in the first 12 episodes of the season. Of course, his claim to fame is being one of the most dominant winners of all time. Obviously, this holds up, but I think he’s pretty overrated by people who haven’t rewatched Thailand recently. He manages to steamroll his way to the end, but I think his gameplay on the Ted vote and the Helen vote is straight up bad. Making Ted realize that they no longer have a final two deal and telling Jan that she was going to be third if she voted for Helen really could’ve backfired by getting his right hand man Clay voting out. I can’t complain too much about it because he has immunity both times, but I’m just trying to show that maybe Brian isn’t this Survivor deity he’s made out to be. I mean he only beat Clay by one vote, that’s not the most glowing endorsement of his social game or his terrible Final Tribal. Even still, he’s a great winner and a compelling villain, even if his character only really comes on at the end of the season, so he can’t be any lower than this.
Robb Zbacnik (11th) - As I mentioned when talking about Ghandia, losing Robb pre-merge is a huge boon on Thailand as a whole. While it can be hard to root for Robb because he’s a total obnoxious ass, it’s hard to argue that he’s one of the most entertaining pre-merge Survivors of all time. Robb’s fiasco with a stingray in episode 5 is one of the funniest scenes in the show’s history and his fighting with Shii Ann and Robb adds some fun conflict to the story that contrasts the other, not so fun, conflict going on in the pre-merge.
Shii Ann Huang (10th) - I’ve already talked about how much I love Robb and Ghandia, but Shii Ann really is Thailand’s pre-merge. She’s a fantastic narrator - genuine, relatable and well spoken, but also funny, sarcastic and just the right amount of bitchy. She also has a really fun story arc, being an outcast on her tribe from the beginning but surviving on the strength of the majority alliance. Her relationships with Jake and Ken are a lot of fun, and her fights with Robb and Penny are even more fun. It’s so unsatisfying that Shii Ann gets taken out by the useless fake merge twist that only really serves to give Jeff this one “gotcha!” moment, taking out one of the seasons best characters and facilitating one of the least interesting Pagongings of all time.
Jake Billingsly (6th) - I think there is an argument to be made that Jake is not only the most likable castaway in Thailand, but he’s also the second best player. The way Jake is able to immediately integrate himself into a tribe of people 30 years his junior, becoming the last Sook Jai standing, is a testament to his social game. He seems to be the center of the Sook Jai majority alliance, having a good relationship with all five members. He also plays hard during the Pagonging, trying to flip damn near everybody he can. I think Jake is a good player and just an overall good guy in a season filled with questionable players and outright unlikable people. The one knock on Jake is that he doesn’t make for all that exciting of television, and I think that’s why he’s not really remembered as well as a lot of other classic players.
Helen Glover (4th) - Thailand has some good players, some good characters and some good people. All three of these are few and far between on this barren cast, but one castaway is all three. Helen Glover is the best cast member from Survivor Thailand and I don’t think it’s particularly close. As a player, Helen isn’t a mastermind strategically but she can hold her own she also got on some peoples nerves but overall her social game was good enough that she was on everybody's side come final three and was seen as a threat because of that. As a person Helen stands out with a few others as one of the select few on this cast that is easy to root for. She’s nice, quirky, and ultimately a lot of fun. Helen is up there with Lex in contention for best narrator in Survivor’s first five seasons. Helen is sometimes intense and direct, sometimes warm-hearted and kind, sometimes sarcastic and funny, and always extremely expressive and entertaining. I love Shii Ann, but the fact that Helen wasn’t Thailand’s representative in All Stars is truly baffling. Helen puts Survivor: Thailand on her back and carries it kicking and screaming to the finish line, and without her I can’t even imagine how bad it would’ve been.
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2020.09.05 02:33 anar-chic inthesomeday's season 22 mLTP rankings

The system I used to rank the majors teams was pretty helpful so I decided to use it here too. Each player has been rated in their playing position on a scale of 20, and each team receives an additional rating on a scale of 20 for factors like communications, chemistry, tilt factor, and leadership. Together these form a grade out of 100.
This draft has less parity between "tiers" than the majors draft did, in my opinion; there are a top 4-6 or so, a middle 2-6 or so, and a bottom 2-4 or so. Within each tier the margins are razor thin, but between tiers there's some dropoff. However there are also teams inhabiting gray areas between each tier, so all in all it's just... very complicated.
1. OutPast (90/100) A- Offense (38/40): inthesomeday (18/20), BallsToYou (20/20) Defense (32/40): Zig! (16/20), Darth (16/20) Fifth Element: 20/20 Yes, I do seriously believe we are the best team on this board, and I expect to win the muperball this season with full confidence. We seem to be somewhere around the 6-9 quarter by most people’s estimates, but everyone agrees BTY and myself will form a potent offense. I think BTY for 59 was one of the biggest steals of the draft, and that implanting him on almost any other one of these teams for a similarly priced playetransplanting some leftover TC would make that team number 1. I may be overrating myself here in some people’s calculations, but I think I have developed the experience in the fast-paced high-level games that the upper echelon of minors teams will be playing through tpm, XLTP, and of course my 120 minute 5BOS minors debut last season. Plus, I mean... gotta have confidence, right? On defense, I admit we don’t have crazy mechanical stardom, but what we do have are two leaders and brain players in Zig! and Darth. Folks are low on Zig after a bit of radio silence but he showed he still has it in NFTL, and his brain and comms are high-level. Darth, meanwhile, makes up where I think my teams always lack: pup competence. He is also a brainy and talkative player. Overall I think this team is going to have the chemistry and intelligence to outplay the expectations of many commentators, and that the mechanics will come when and where they need to. Besides, even if we had no defense the other team would never cap… BTY and I will always have their flag. Full fifth element evaluation because we're oozing with leadership, communications, and gamesense.
2. Ball Guys: Ultimate Blockout (90/100) A- Offense (36.5/40): Ball-E (19.5/20), yiss (17/20) Defense (35.5/40): Snowball (19.5/20), evanw4 (16/20) Fifth Element: 18/20 Most people have this team at an unambiguous #1, and frankly that's not a terrible assessment. I think the top 4-6 are all a bit closer than that, however, considering a few key elements of each team. Here we have Ball-E, just barely short of the perfect rating on offense that is shared by BTY, d0pe, and Frozen. I think Ball-E certainly could have been the best offender here; the thing is, I kind of actually believe his ping manips. Mechanically speaking, and gamesense speaking, he has a very strong foundation, but on Dallas he's just going to be a little bit sticky compared to midwestern and southern attackers. This season, with the league split, this team won't actually have to play every game on Dallas, but the games they do have to play there will disfavor Ball-E. Fortunately next to him is yiss, this season's Deafheaven. Of course, waterwheel is slightly more offensively inclined than yiss; however, whenever these majors-level players drop with a position switch they get underrated a bit, especially when switching from defense to offense. I think yiss brings comms, gamesense, and a majors baseline level of mechanics that will make him a competent attacker. Bringing up the defense is Snowball, roughly appropriately evaluated at 105 TCs as a defensive lead, and returning player evanw4, who I know pretty much nothing about. 7 seasons is a long time, certainly; evan's last season featured amazing stats, both positional GASP and +/-, but it's been quite some time, so this team loses a few points in an otherwise stellar fifth element category. Fortunately Snowball and yiss are here to lead this team in terms of communications and Ball-E should bring the offensive mechs when possible; provided Ball-E is here to stay, the core of this team should make it a muperball contender.
3. Snow Angles (90/100) A- Offense (37/40): Frozen (20/20), spacetiger (17/20) Defense (33/40): Squeeb (19/20), Crowman (14/20) Fifth Element: 20/20 This team is extremely dynamic, and once they get their chemistry figured out and their positional footing established a little bit they will be an absolute force to be reckoned with. Defensively, this team reminds me of OutPast, albeit with less parity between partners; Squeeb is a good leader with strong defensive gamesense, as is Crowman, but Squeeb holds a little bit more of the mechanical prowess than Crowman. That said, their styles are perfectly complementary. If I had a dollar for every time Crowman told me he needs a partner who can push and just let him contain, or a dollar for every time Squeeb bull rushed some unsuspecting deer on the headlights during my stint on LBM last season, I would be rich. This defense has heavy, heavy fifth element status for me, even if Crowman is individually lacking a bit in terms of mechanics on the minors level. He makes up for it amply in gamesense and leadership, and of course, Squeeb. Meanwhile, on offense, this team has somewhat broken-and-manippy captain Frozen paired up with the silent but deadly spacetiger for 1 (one!) tag coin. Frozen would probably be a 20/20 on either position in minors for me this season, and maybe would've been a 14/20 on either position in majors, but he skipped on past the majors draft and decided to captain in minors instead. He has low-to-mid majors gamesense and low-majors mechanics to back it up, but he really doesn't need them alone. Next to him is spacetiger, one of the biggest steals of the draft as a late-round 1 TC afterthought. Perhaps space fell because he doesn't talk, or because he has something of a big head, or is somewhat difficult to work with; for Frozen, none of these drawbacks in the back of the other captains' minds will matter. This team looks rock solid top to bottom, and once Squeeb and Crowman can develop a repertoire and Frozen can figure out how to maximize space's potential, this team is top 3, and absolutely in muperball contention.
4. Bubble Balls (90/100) A- Offense (36/40): AK 47 (19.5/20), CarrotCake (16.5/20) Defense (34/40): Raspberry (18/20), Raven (16/20) Fifth Element: 20/20 This team is barely squeezed out of the top 3 despite being roughly graded the same, mostly because I had to pick one of these 4 to place here. Their mechs might be part of the reason. The mechanical superstar here is certainly AK 47. He has Dallas lag only rarely, but when he doesn't he is well within the top 5 offenders in the draft, arguably a 20/20 talent-- he just lacks a certain amount of discipline, at least when I've encountered him. Fortunately his partner is CarrotCake. People love Carrot's mechs, and I can certainly see why; he's strong as hell in an open field. The problem is that if you can corner him against a wall he doesn't quite look like AK mechanically. What he lacks in that department he makes up for amply in gamesense. I see this relationship as having the potential to be characterized by CarrotCake calling the shots, playing strong support, and letting AK mechanically dominate opposing defenses. If this relationship feels natural it should thrive. On defense, we have two smart players in Raspberry, a long-time minors mainstay, and Raven, who I think is one of the smartest defenders on this board. Raven's return to competitive last season was met with some uncertainty, so he fell to NLTP, but his gamesense and contain wherewithal was one of the main factors, in my opinion, that brought DSB the Nuper. Raspberry was smart to pick him up. She has mechanical ability, and veteran gamesense, but at times she gets rather tilty, in my experience; a level-headed defensive brain player like Raven is the right partner for her, and together they should be able to mesh well and maximize the team defensively. Raspberry will be able to make plays while Raven does the smart thing and backs them up. Overall I see this team as a more-than-the-sum-of-its-parts powerhouse, with a lot of mechanical talent in some places and a lot of intelligence in others. There is some risk of tilt, but overall this team should be a muper contender and a playoff guarantee.
5. Mumble Cappers (89.5/100) B+ Offense (37/40): d0pe (20/20), Galvatron (17/20) Defense (34.5/40): black orchid (19.5/20), eldenn (15/20) Fifth Element: 18/20 This team is BARELY under the absolute top tier, and it's difficult to articulate exactly why. On offense, there is a little bit of a role redundancy with d0pe playing next to Galvatron. They're both mechanical players, and while Galvatron's touch is a good deal lighter than d0pe's, they both have a similar way of playing-- strong grabs, holds, and jukes, but not particularly focused support or two-way presence. Comparisons might be drawn between Galvatron and ez, d0pe's perennial partner before his ascension to majors. I think the difference is in playing the field as a whole. Galvatron certainly has the offensive power, but defensively he's a season or two behind ez. He needs to develop a bit of two-way competence before I think of this as "All Eyez on Re Offense Pt 2". d0pe, for his part, has gotten a lot smarter, a lot stronger, and arguably should have been a majors callup; he is slightly tilty and thin-skinned however. This offense will also be a little bit quiet for my tastes. Defensively, there's something of the same problem. While orchid is a mechanical powerhouse, I don't know much about eldenn; however, her recent stats indicate a slight inclination towards play-making as opposed to pace-setting. Nonetheless, I think she will be able to deliver in minors defense once again after a season of novice offense and a season off. I just don't know what her comms are like, while I know orchid is quiet. This team should have a good deal of silent leadership, and I've awarded points for potential, I'm just slightly undersold in terms of communications and cohesion. Nonetheless, the individuals on the team are each strong enough for their positions: orchid and d0pe as extremely strong mechanically-gifted positional leads, and Galvatron and eldenn as extremely competent and level secondary players with the ability to back up their partners. Inches away from the top tier, I just need some proof.
6. Pi-Curious (89.5/100) B+ Offense (34.5/40): BallAnka (18.5/20), bubblez (16/20) Defense (36/40): boogie (19/20), Homie (17/20) Fifth Element: 19/20 This is the other team that’s dead close to the top tier but just short, I think. It's built a little bit differently than the teams ahead of it, with a bit more positional flexibility and a bit more of a loose feeling in terms of lead and support. The apparent defensive lead in boogie was pried from me early on; boogie is a very capable two-way player who I personally think is better on defense, and as the foundation for a defense he's solid as a rock. Next to him is Homie, who I don't know much about but I know is D-restricted. Homie has taken a bit less time off than similar players, and went super cheap despite solid stats in recent-ish seasons. I'm curious to see how Homie shows up, but next to boogie this defense should be solid. boogie also brings a lot of leadership and a ton of two-way competence; next to Frozen I think boogie is the best two-way majors-drop-ish player here, besides possibly FLY. I'd take boogie on offense over FLY, though. Anyway, as to this team's offense, the lead of BallAnka was a little bit underrated in terms of TCs, I think, with a solid mechanical foundation and magnificent leadership and communications skills. This is a perfect partner for bubblez, Anka's o partner, who is a mostly-mechs style offender with some ample minors cred and a rocky recent history. In terms of fifth element, I think bubblez is underwhelming, but Anka can carry in that department-- that includes two-way competence. This team comes down to Homie's ability to show up again (which I expect to be high) and bubblez' ability to play well next to Anka (which again is difficult to evaluate lowly). They have two-way competence, they have leadership, there's just a little bit of rust and a little bit of uneven distribution of mechs and gamesense. Still a playoff-guaranteed team in my book, and one that could easily be a muper contender if all of its players stepped up.
7. Chennai Muper Pings (86.5/100) B Offense (33.5/40): refined (17/20), Will1119 (16.5/20) Defense (34/40): waterwheel (20/20), popsic (14/20) Fifth Element: 19/20 I think this is my first real hot take of these rankings, but I'm just not super sold on certain elements of this team. People are very high on the individuals comprising the team, but I actually think individually these players are less impressive than what they come together to form. waterwheel is perhaps the exception to this. I was somewhat dumbfounded when waterwheel dropped to minors under some others, notably aaron and Pro Boat. I didn't think wheel's performance in majors last season was THAT bad, and my experience playing with him in other settings has been that he's a solid two-way player with the ability to adapt well to changing circumstances. I expect he'll be called up early-ish in the season, but in the meantime he's the single most gifted defender in minors, and certainly the shining star on this team. His partner is popsic, who I'm a little less hot on than others seem to be. In novice last season, popsic was the most expensive player IIRC with the expectation that he would carry his team far, but he wound up underperforming, at least as far as I could tell. I think any defender would do well next to waterwheel in this draft, and popsic is certainly no exception, but I need to see a bit more of popsic on this level before I'm willing to be particularly generous. The offense has many people excited, and I like them as a pair, but individually neither is particularly standout to me. Will is actually quite mechanically gifted, I learned during last playoff season. He will shine next to refined, who is in my opinion not quite as individually good at offense as other people seem to think but who absolutely has the two-way competence and the gamesense to back up Will's offensive mechanics. This team seems to me to actually be more gifted in fifth element capacity than in individual skill or carry ability; I just need to see a few weeks down the road when waterwheel has helped popsic gain higher-level footing.
8. Bottle Otters (84/100) B Offense (30.5/40): titanblue (12/20), might dino (18.5/20) Defense (33.5/40): FLY (19.5/20), anduin (14/20) Fifth Element: 20/20 Going into the draft titan/mex was one of two captains with the most tagcoins and I think he actually built himself a very strong team with what was available to him. He spent big on two players very capable of carrying in their respective positions and was left with 0 tagcoins, picking up anduin as the defensive backup. anduin has a ton of high level experience but judging from his TPL and my own personal experience with him something happened between season 20 and season 21 and he’s not been to full form since. It’s entirely possible that anduin comes back in full force but next to FLY he looks like a secondary defender for sure. FLY, meanwhile, is teamed up once again with might dino, an undeniably winning combination of brainy two-way competence and field playing that is going to carry this team. I think if I was to pair anduin with anyone in this draft it would be FLY; she should be able to carry the defense in terms of prevent and contain, where anduin sometimes slips up. Additionally, if I was to give titan any partner, it would probably be might dino. titan has ample mechanical ability but he’s inconsistent, tilty, and non-communicative; might dino, meanwhile, is consistent, mechanically sound, anti-tilty, and very communicative. We have half of the qakboosters season 20 muper-winning roster; the problem is that anduin is not quite JoY and titanblue certainly is not quite waterwheel. I think this team is slightly low because this is a somewhat stacked draft, and because I think it has two slightly squeaky wheels. It also has two strong wheels that are very capable of carrying, know and trust one another, and can control the pace of the game with great competence; this is a “fifth element” team top to bottom.
9. WCYD (81/100) B- Offense (33/40): ASAP (15/20), CB13 (18/20) Defense (31/40): Jubjubs (15/20), owen (16/20) Fifth Element: 17/20 Here’s ASAP with the dinos in minors— the dinors?— and a pretty dino-looking draft all the way down to the DEPs. ASAP himself is playing offense again (bad idea…or is it?) next to CB13, the big-name majors drop in the draft. If you told me CB was going to go for just over 40 tagcoins in minors two weeks ago, I’d be scratching my head; if you explained that CB would go for that price with no mic on offense and without extracurricular commitment in any capacity, I’d think it was a little more appropriate. This offense looks like it’d be better on defense to me, but knowing ASAP that just means they’d look better going offense at the worst times, thus wrapping back around and turning it into a fantastic offense. Confusing, right? And that’s just the O. On defense, ASAP has returning minors vets Jubjubs and owen, the latter of whom ASAP has experience with in the Ball Boys of a few seasons ago. I don’t know that I’ve ever seen jubs play competitively before but I expect he will have retained at least a bit of his skill since he last played, and I think owen will still be good as his gap hasn’t been that long. Together, I’m a bit sketched out, and as a whole this team looks slightly off to me; the offense will be volatile and so will the defense. However they have a bit of established chemistry and a good deal of potential talent, so they range decently in the middle in holistic terms. The defense just looks like two of the somewhat weaker returning defenders, and the offense looks like two defenders with good two-way skill, one of whom is a big majors drop but with no mic.
10. Young Hotties (81/100) B- Offense (32.5/40): team (16/20), raymond53 (16.5/20) Defense (32.5/40): omar (19.5/20), Alphachurro (13/20) Fifth Element: 16/20 This team features the first exciting callup of the draft in Alphachurro, not quite a Pro Boat b-to-majors story but close. I think Alphachurro is not the weakest player in minors this season, and I think mechanically he actually has a good basis from which to build on. omar is a decent coach and an incredibly strong player in his own right, but he's not the best partner Alpha could have hoped for here and I think the defense will be a little bit lopsided. Alpha brings an important out-of-base potential that omar is lacking in a lot of ways, and I'm not sure about Alpha's comms but omar's in-game comms are roughly adequate. I think this defense needs some working together and Alpha feels like something of a tryouts-pickup. I don't hate it, I just need some proof. On offense this team has... well, team, a weird drop last season who thoroughly proved he belonged in minors and was called up late to a F4 team. I like team a lot as a player, he has a good mid-level combination of mechanics and gamesense. Next to him is raymond, Big Swingin', wanker, or whatever you'd like, a player who came back recently after a long absence and proved he still had high-level play potential in league and in tpm. I actually think raymond is a smart player, but I certainly prefer him on defense, and he is one of the tiltiest players I've ever played with. omar should be able to keep a level head but I'm not certain about Alphachurro and team. This team has the potential to collapse and needs a little bit of work to achieve its highest playing level, but they are certainly playoff contenders in their current incarnation. I'm worried about their chemistry.
11. Roamin' Swipes (79.5/100) C+ Offense (33/40): beast mode (14/20), Messi (19/20) Defense (31.5/40): Kamikaze (13/20), Xile (18.5/20) Fifth Element: 15/20 beast mode had the other 165 tag coin allotment, and I think his draft didn’t go quite as well as titan’s. Standing in for FLY and might dino, in titan’s draft, are Xile and Messi; Messi might actually be better than dino in some ways, but I’ll still take FLY over Xile. On offense, Messi will be the attempted carry player, and he certainly has the ability to fill that role. He has good comms, level-headed leadership, and decent mechanics. He was certainly a steal in this draft. As others have said, however, he hasn’t looked great as a player in recent times; fortunately, his experience and pedigree alone give him the legitimacy of a top 5-6 offender in the draft. Next to him is beast mode, a player similar to anduin; he has lots of experience, a decent history, but a lackluster recent performance. The gamesense can be there for beast mode but his mechs have slipped and wound him up tied for the most tcs but with a team near the bottom of the board. Part of the reason for this, in my opinion, is this defense. Xile, a recent tpm star, for 77 was not bad so late in the draft— I myself bit as far as I could go— but Xile’s tpm success is built on mechanics and in-base competence moreso than the ability to control the pace of the game out of base. He’s a strong soloer, but a bit weaker as far as contains go. He does have a fair amount of two-way competence. The weakest link on this team is Kamikaze, whose foray into defense began last season mostly in NLTP and in non-season tagpro like tpm. I’ve never been super hot about Kami on defense. He’s a bit of a tilter, and while he has good comms they tend to be characterized by a certain offputting intensity bordering on hostility, and his mindset in general ping pongs rapidly between arrogance and defeatism. I think he has decent mechanics at this level but he needs some mental changes to fill this team out. This team has nice offense, but I’m worried about chemistry and overall “fifth element factor”, especially on defense. This team is very similar to YHT in a lot of ways-- however they have higher potential for success, but lower active potential right now.
12. Itsy Bitsy Spikers (79/100) C+ Offense (34/40): Elsa (18/20), Kibo (16/20) Defense (30/40): Juke of Yore (19/20), agency (11/20) Fifth Element: 15/20 This team is very complicated, top to bottom. On offense, they have a returning muper-winning pair of Elsa and Kibo. People love Elsa and I agree he has amazing potential but what I've seen from him recently in terms of tpm has been underwhelming, at least at the higher queues. His old muper-winning partner is Kibo. The problem is it's been a while since they played together and something like a year and a half since Kibo's last competitive stats. I think they certainly have the potential to find a groove again, and if anyone's going to do it it's these old partners. I'm just not super high on them and I want to see it happen. On defense, an even bigger risk appears in the form of agency, a rookie with a solid foundation. I first became aware of agency about 9 months ago or so in a tournament (remember those?), and thought to myself "this is a solid high b-to-a team talent". Here is a direct callup to minors. JoY is the right sort of player to round out the rough edges on agency, but there is just some proof missing from agency and from the team in general that I want to see. JoY is a winner, and could certainly whip this team into shape over the course of the season, and I'd love to see it happen. But I think team said it best: "wtf is this weab shit?"
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2020.09.03 19:10 PJCGames [BB] Big Brother: House of Temptation - All-Stars 2 CAST REVEAL

After 20 seasons of Big Brother: House of Temptation, a season of all-stars is here! And our cast is in place and ready to play the game!
Recently, I posted the survey for this season, and I've put the all-star cast together. We have winners, runner-ups, comp beasts, legends, and more. They all have something to prove and will do so by coming back into this game. Here is the cast for BBHOT21: All-Stars!
Also, see the full post for info on the final touches for this season!
Natalie Gron, 29, Model - Season 3, 2nd & Season 7, 6th - u/TishaPotatoisqueen11
Nari Higashikata, 39, Dancer - Season 5, 2nd & Season 10, 4th - u/somewell
Dave Downs, 35, TV Star - Season 8, Winner - u/cpanati
Hugo Nunez, 30, Entrepreneur - Season 9, 5th & Season 15, 2nd - u/timetotriggeryou4
Maria José Abasto, 36, Performer - Season 12, 2nd & Season 18, 3rd - u/Nahuelfire39
Quiz Tinerra, 39, NASCAR Driver - Season 13, 5th - u/asiansurvivorfan
Hudson "Hud" Ewing, 29, Graphic Designer - Season 13, 3rd & Season 17, 6th - u/SilverOwl24
Jennifer Beau, 27, Model - Season 14, Winner - u/ParisGoldC
Gary Alexander, 25, Fashionista - Season 15, 7th & Season 18, 8th - u/blxxdymxry
Kim Sims, 35, Hotel Clerk - Season 16, 5th - u/timetotriggeryou4
Raymond Franks, 23, College Graduate - Season 16, Winner - u/Pray_The_Gay_To_Come
Samuel "SS" Smith, 25, Freelance Artist - Season 17, 4th - u/Pray_The_Gay_To_Come
Elizabeth McMillan, 43, Entrepreneur - Season 18, Winner - u/wordonthestreet2
Isabela Amahd, 19, Student - Season 19, 6th - u/swoldow
Sita Singhal, 28, Professional Golfer - Season 20, 2nd - u/Wow_its_a_Korkskrew
Eric Chang, 26, Professional Gamer - Season 20, Winner - u/asiansurvivorfan
What are your thoughts on this all-star cast? Let me know and give me your predictions!
If one of your players is on this season, please comment the link or a description of their new appearance, please!
If you do not have a character on this season, I'm sorry! It was super hard to choose and fit the best people in... but, some people who have characters aren't currently active on here. So if you would like to make their new appearances and have them as a character to root for you may do it!
Character Appearances Needed:
Quiz and Eric - u/asiansurvivorfan Bela - u/swoldow Ray and SS - u/Pray_The_Gay_To_Come Sita - u/Wow_its_a_Korkskrew Hud - u/SilverOwl24 Gary - u/blxxdymxry Maria Jose - u/Nahuelfire30
Inactive Appearances Needed That Anyone Can Feel Free To Edit (if you have no character)!:
Natalie, Nari, Dave, Hugo, Jenn, Kim, Beth
I will edit any player that is not edited in 24 hours. Also, if you are active and I put your character in the inactive, you may edit it and that was just based on recent observation! I will also remove the character's name once they have already been edited for this season.
Thank you all and I hope you like the cast!
Season 1
Season 2
Season 3
Season 4
Season 5
Season 6
Season 7: All-Stars
Season 8
Season 9
Season 10: Newbies vs. Veterans
Season 11
Season 12: Couples
Season 13
Season 14
Season 15: Coaches
Season 16
Season 17
Season 18: Generations
Season 19
Season 20: Strength vs. Skill
Leave suggestions for this season and upcoming seasons in the comments!
~Brought to you by u/PJCGames~
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2020.09.03 15:40 TessaBissolli A close examination of the story. Part 52: CONCLUSIONS (1 of 2)

I started the series three months ago examining how the apparent narrative of the show's mythology crumbles under examination:
RR was a married Naval Officer, who was seduced by KR, and the affair of over 4 years produced a child. She had been siphoning information off him, including a submarine that was sunk. But when she decided to end it, RR took Masha because she would not let him see her, and went to hide in the closed Rehoboth Beach house he rented every year. Katarina followed, they fought, her goons arrived, Masha shot her father and he died, and Katarina hid his body. She left Masha with Kate, tried to kill herself in Cape May, survived, stumbled into a Church, went to a shelter, killed a Russian guy, and took his wallet, then contacted Ilya, who helped her get her mother to safety, then go to Moscow to talk to her father. But on the way back, posing as Americans, Katarina tries to jump from a balcony, Ilya stops her, and they come up with the idea that someone would become RR to take money left by the KGB in banks to incriminate him and be able to run away. Katarina was really working for Alan Fitch and the cabal. Red, whoever he is, went in for surgery with Koehler and it worked, albeit not as they thought it would. Katarina disappeared, and Red started to rise as a criminal. In 2013, he surrendered, and worked with Liz, until he was exposed by Kate as a supplanter. Now her mother, turned enemy of both Red and her father, Dom, is working with Liz to find the Sikorsky Archive.
Throughout this entire series, u/jen5225 my partner in crime has been invaluable, she even authored one of the posts.
We started this journey questioning one of the main characters of the show: Elizabeth Keen and who she really is.
Was she really Masha Rostova, as opposed to be KNOWN and had lived as such? Is Katarina, Dom's daughter REALLY her biological mother? And what can her abduction from the Summer Palace, in Cape Breton Island, Nova Scotia tell us about who she is.
The answer is that while we know that Elizabeth's biological father is the man known to the US Navy as Raymond Reddington, the other thing we might know is that she was NOT born as Masha Rostova. In fact we can deduce that nobody was born alive, in Moscow, or anywhere else, as Masha (or Maria) Rostova , or that there was any record of a child born to anyone using the name Katarina Rostova, because otherwise the Russians (or the Americans) would know she existed (even under another name) because she was born in Moscow . But that is not the case:
ANTON VELOV: I said, "All I know is they say she had a daughter.”
Peter Kotsiopoluos had to send Connolly's people to find out about a child from one of the few KGBs who had been involved with Katarina. A man who had been in charge of chasing her for the KGB, but who never met her personally. And this man did not KNOW she had a daughter. Yes, he found a photo, but no evidence Katarina had a daughter.
So Liz was born in Moscow, under a different name, from a woman who Red KNEW AS "Katarina Rostova", but who must have used a different name in Moscow to give birth to Liz, perhaps her real name. Remember that Red knows who Dom is, so Red knows Katarina's real last name. This woman he KNEW AS "Katarina Rostova", is not Katarina.
I have made the case that Red, while referring to Liz as Masha to the people who know Liz as Masha (Dom, Ilya), has never told Liz she IS Masha, or in fact told anyone that Liz IS Masha:
Red says about Liz and the name Masha:
So, while we KNOW RR is Liz's bio- father, we also can DEDUCE, from what we have been told, who is very likely NOT her bio-mother: Katarina. Yet we saw Red tell Liz about her mother:
What was her name?
Mmmh I knew her as Katarina Rostova. One of her many names. She was a KGB agent.
So, we know her biological mother is NOT Katarina, but is a woman who gave birth to her in Moscow, who USED the name Katarina Rostova to have an affair with RR (Or steal sperm?), who WAS a KGB agent, and whose real name is not known to Red.
Yet Liz was living with her REAL non-bio mother, Katarina, the woman who took her in, passed her as her own under the name Masha Rostova, and even produced a DNA test that convinced her cover husband, Constantin Rostov, that Masha was his biological child, when in reality no child had been born as such anywhere of Katarina or of any other woman under those names (Katarina Rostova or Masha Rostova).
Which tell us likely why Rostov, a man of wealth and power did not pursue the matter of his abducted child and disappeared wife: likely, because he could not even prove, past photos of Masha, that there was a child of his named Masha (or Maria) Rostova. We do not even know if those cops we saw at the Summer Palace were real, as someone astutely noted.
It is also likely that Constantin soon found himself the object of unwanted KGB interest in the matter of his missing wife, and likely had to go into hiding. We know he emerged as Alexander Kirk after the fall of the USSR in December of 1991 and bought cheap energy outfits.
What can we tell then about Raymond Reddington (RR) then? For starters that there was no man born as such, either. Why? Because we know Liz had been investigating her past. She suspected Reddington to be her father, even getting a DNA test done, to throw it out, afraid of the results. Liz had taken positive steps to find information about her past.
Liz went asking the OREA agents about her mother, she asked Velov twice, she collected information about the night of the fire. She has notebooks, researched Oleander, had the photo in the swing enhanced and search in facial recognition databases for her mother, researched "Ilya Koslov", and even found a motel stay in Dover. It makes sense that Liz, a federal agent, has access to all kinds of official information including the drowning in Cape May, which was in newspapers, and likely had official reports.
One Liz learned her father was RR, and then saw a report telling her RR was dead, she would have tried finding her paternal blood relatives. Grandparents, unless and aunts, cousins. Anyone with a blood relation to her, because finding her biological relatives is immensely important to her.
She found nothing. Nobody, alive or dead under the name. We never heard of ANY relative either. No parents interrogated. No siblings mortified in shame. Nobody changing their name. And we know this out of a single question Liz made of Ressler:
LIZ: You didn't stop, did you, trying to find his (RED'S) real identity ?
RESSLER: No, I didn't. I don't know who he (RED) was, but I think I found someone who might. Your grandfather. (That would be RR's father or Katarina Rostova's father, Liz's biological grandfathers)
LIZ: You found Reddington's father? (RR'S FATHER, NOT RED'S FATHER)
And this tells us that Liz had never found a blood relative under that name. As an FBI agent she has access to birth, death, marriage, tax, census and financial records. Fingerprints and facial recognition databases, etc. and she had never found her paternal grandfather under the name Reddington, or under any name. She was surprised Ressler found her paternal grandfather:
This means nobody was born under that name, which means that Reddington was an assumed name of the man who graduated from the Naval Academy and became her biological father.
Matters get even more complicated when we look at Katarina, the woman who likely did not give birth to Liz in Moscow, but became her mother, the only real mother Liz had.
The Russians seem to know Katarina as "Katarina Rostova", know Dom as Oleander and know he is her father. There is no subterfuge on their part. They sent Anton Velov after her:
Velov was the agent assigned to find her.
and then the Osterman Umbrella Company:
Your mother loved that photograph. Represented everything she wanted but couldn't have. Not after she betrayed the KGB. After that, she was a hunted woman.... Hunted by the Osterman Umbrella Company.
But when it comes to the Americans, they acted as if "Katarina Rostova" did not exist, just like they do with Brian Osterman, or Leonard Caul, and anyone with a burn notice, or whose existence needs to be kept a secret.
Yet Peter Kotsiopolus, who in 2015 was the head of the Clandestine Services (covert agents) knew Liz's mother (either one) well enough to see a resemblance with Liz. If this was in appearance or in attitude we do not know. We do not know what job did Peter had before 1991, but likely he would have been a handler of covert agents, not the head of Clandestine Services.
In short, the CIA acted exactly as they do about an agent who had a burn order: deny their existence.
The Agency (or the FBI) make no effort whatsoever in finding her, or tracking her mother or father. They even tell Ressler than because Rostova did not make a reservation in her name, then she did not board the ferry. 😂 Liz tried finding her face in facial recognition databases to no effect in season 2. So likely, Katarina has a new face, or she is dead.
But what the CIA agent tell Liz is in fact more truth than not:
CIA'S OREA SECTION AGENT MASIK: I don't think there are any photographs of Katarina Rostova.... She's a myth. Tall tales late at night over vodka shots. Probably an amalgamation of a half-a-dozen unknown female Soviet operatives-- the Pinko Mata Hari.
because Red says a very similar thing about "Katarina Rostova", that "Katarina Rostova" was a myth, a figment, an illusion:
RED: You said you prefer illusion to reality.... I may have seemed like an illusion, but she is one... she's someone you can never find.... I may not have told you what you want, but I told you all you need. You'll never find Rostova..... She's a figment of the collective imagination.
And if we look carefully we see how Red refers to Liz's mother in a normal way "your mother", and in a bizarre way, "Katarina Rostova", not "Katarina", as he does to Dembe, Kate, Dom, or Ilya. So, there are times when Red is using a subterfuge, in her entire name, which then might be about the identity, or might refer to two women: one of them, Katarina, whom he knew well and knows her real name, and another one, whom he did not know really, and only as "Katarina Rostova", one of her many names.
So, we have two women at least, using the name Katarina, and both women are, in different ways, mothers to Liz. One, her biological mother, was a woman he only knew as "Katarina Rostova", and the other is Katarina, Dom's daughter. But we also know that Fakerina said she does not know why they chose her. That means that Fakerina believed there were at least three of them, because otherwise, if they were two and Dom wanted to save his daughter, it would be evident why her. So we might have three women pretending to be "Katarina Rostova".
FAKERINA TO ILYA: I've thought a lot about why you chose me as the lamb you could take to slaughter. You thought I was weak the prey and not the predator.
We have then confirmation on two sides that Katarina was not Liz's biological mother, but was her real mother. A woman who took her in and loved her, raised her until she had to give her up because she was being chased by the CIA and the KGB.
But we also know that Katarina existed, and yet, "Katarina Rostova", legendary KGB seductress was a myth, like Agent Masik told Liz, an amalgamation of a few Soviet operatives, using the same name to create a mythic agent. Just like Red created "Edgar Legate", a mythic assassin that nobody had seen, but in reality was just a name used by a lot of people. Trying to find a name inhabited by many people is nearly impossible. Each person gives contradictory clues.
It is even likely that the flaming red hair and light eyes was part of the identity, because the woman in the swing was blond, and the photo of Katarina's mother' estranged daughter had dark hair, which be Katarina or not, makes it highly likely Katarina too had dark hair.
We have one more aspect to consider, and that is what two contradictory statements made by Katarina to her parents mean in term of Katarina's real allegiance:
Since the KGB considered Katarina a traitor, then it means that Katarina's mother, Lena Volkova (as she appears credited), was KGB, while her father, Dom, was not KGB, but then likely CIA, or MI-6 or something of the sort, so that she tells him she was not a traitor. While the CIA may have believed for a while she was a traitor, ultimately Alan Fitch was her boss, and what he was doing may have been sectioned, if illegal. Remember the CIA is actively trying NOT to find her.
Katarina was then pretending to be KGB, or had been recruited by the KGB, but in reality she was CIA, and given a burn notice. They first deny she exist, and do not try to find her, just like Brian Osterman, who was in reality even after being "dismissed" and records eliminated, but who was running a secret mission for his boss, Director Wilcox (new Clandestine Service chief), like Katarina was doing for Fitch (remember that Fitch in 2014 was the Assistant Director of National Intelligence, but we have no idea what job he had in 1990).
And that helps explain a lot of what is happening around her supposed KGB "comrades", Ilya and her father Dom. Both are described as ghosts, neither prints nor face can be identified.
Dom had supposedly been investigated as Oleander by the CIA, yet his prints and face are not in the databases, and Ressler cannot find him. So that investigation was either a sham, or was quickly shuttered from above.
While if "Ilya Koslov" had really been a Soviet citizen working for an embassy in the US during the Cold War, he would have been vetted multiple times (by the FBI among others) and spied on. The FBI, however, have nothing on him, which means the Koslov identity was a made up identity and Ilya's name is not Koslov, and he was not really KGB. Even under a different name, his prints and face would be on file had he really been a USSR diplomat.
So what we have is a massive charade in which Dom as Oleander, Ilya as "Ilya Koslov" and Katarina as "Katarina Rostova" are pretending to BE KGB (or recruited as such while being agents for the other side. Their identities had been scrubbed once the "job" was done. The Russians tell Ressler who Dom was (Katarina Rostova's father), and a British agent, Skip Sutherland, digs up a file on "Ilya Koslov," just like Mossad knew who Leonard Caul was when the US had no record of him.
DOM TO RED: You were the architect of this charade.
What we know is that "Ilya" is his real first name, he is a childhood friend of Red, has been using the name Frank Bloom, and he retired in 1991.
We know that "Dominic" is Dom's real first name, and that he has something identifiable in him that would signal him as a Rostov, if he goes to a hospital. This might point to his being Constantin's distant uncle who contracted the Ribowski virus and lived longer than any other Rostov with a disease inherited through the paternal line.
But that does not mean his real last name is Rostov, because he could have been adopted by a step father, or the family may have changed their name. We know Dom, before falling into a coma as a product of Fakerina's attack, was 81 and took a lot of medication.
Both Dom and Lena have ties to New York: Lena, having met Katarina in the Cross Sound Ferry terminal, and Dom having a cabin that closely resembles one child's drawing kept with Katarina's childhood mementos and American toys, which suggests that Dom had that cabin when Katarina was growing up.
This suggests that Katarina grew up in the US, Dom lived in the US when she was growing up, and that Lena story of coming to the US in the 1970s after breaking up with her husband in Russia is balderdash, yet we have indications she might have been KGB. A sleeper agent? Or that husband was not Dom.
When we looked at Alan Fitch, Katarina's real boss, what stands out is what he was really doing, especially in regards to the cabal and Red.
Regardless of what he told the cabal, and even what he and Red talked in public places, what Fitch was doing was protecting Red, telling the others Red had a death switch he knew well was a lie, because the fulcrum had 4 parts, and he was still holding one of them.
Fitch and Katarina, then, are likely to have recorded that incriminating tape found at Minister D to exonerate Red if needed, something Red called a Pyrrhic victory, one in which the cost is higher than the outcome. Everything about that tape should be taken with a grain of salt, or likely, a few: from the date on the tape, to the contents of it, and even who caused that fire at Minister D's.
So Fitch and Katarina were involved in the cabal, but Red (and RR) did not know anything about it.
So far, we have Katarina and RR, who are not who they say they are. Reddington seems to be an assumed last name, and Katarina, whatever her real last name really is, is pretending to be a KGB agent.
We have Liz, who is not who she thinks she is (Masha Rostova), daughter of bio-father, RR, and her bio-mother, a KGB agent whose real name name is not known to Red, and having an adopted, real mother, Katarina.
We have Ilya and Dom who are ghosts, using fake last names, pretending to be KGB operatives.
We have Katarina's mother, who seemed to have been really KGB, based on what Katarina tells her, telling her new husband Ted King a ludicrous story:
She told me she was from Saint Petersburg, uh, that she'd split with her husband in her 40s, came to America to start over, and spent the rest of her life here.
and who has a hidden photo who she tells Ted was a estranged daughter. Ressler assumed that was Katarina, but we do not know that. Put together with another drawing found among Katarina's childhood things, of a man with two dark haired girls, and the photo Scottie has of a dark haired woman blowing bubbles with a girl, and it seems that we have at least some clues that point to:
  1. Lena may have had two daughters,
  2. Katarina may have been a brunette, and
  3. Scottie may be a sister, a half sister, or a cousin to Katarina, which also goes to what Red tell Dom:
The tense (" always had") tells us this is not about the new born baby. Dom has always had other family members other than Liz (who they think is dead), and Katarina, who Dom cannot see.
More so, we have Scottie and Liz sharing a middle name, Scott, which might be Scottie's maiden name and Liz's mother maiden name. And if so, were Katarina and Scottie sisters, half sisters or cousins? And is then Scott Dom's real last name?
Scottie's is another character whose actions are shrouded in secrecy. Red says "people like us", establishing a connection to her that we still do not know what it means precisely, because Red and Scottie do not share much that is apparent, other than being strategists.
When we looked at the abduction of young Christopher Hargrave, we deduced that Howard, his father, was an innocent party, his actions being logical for the father of a missing child, and he was not swayed by the fake confession that stopped the official investigation. He continued looking, and he found his son, likely when Tom's DNA hit CODIS as part of unknown DNA in the crime scene of Fake Berlin in 1.22 (2014). Red may have provided the missing details about the Major, because we know between 1.22 and 2.08 Red went from being ready to kill Tom, to just warn him not to see Liz again.
While we deduced that Scottie likely knew who had taken him, and/or had to do something to get him back, which is likely she did, at least partly, and then may have hidden her son with someone she trusted, and was told the child had died, because she undergoes a big change about six months after the abduction, after a car accident. It is likely Scottie was who arranged the fake confession (or knew who did) in order to protect who had taken him first, and/or what she had done to get him back, where and with whom she had hidden him, and what had really happened to young Christopher.
It is likely that IF Scottie is Lena's daughter, it is she who she is protecting, for Lena's curious locations, and the date she found Ted King to marry, coincide when Tom's. Where he was, and when he disappeared again, this time by being recruited by the Major. If so, it is likely Lena never told Scottie she had found her son, or that he had lost him again, in 1998.
We also examined the man who became Liz's only real father, Sam Milhoan. A man whose connections to Katarina where not known at all, so IF they happened, it was under Katarina's real identity, or under Sam's real identity, if Milhoan is not his real name. We know Sam knew Katarina, but we also know that it is likely his real connection was RR, for he seems to want Katarina to come back for her kid, and he seems indignant about what is being said about Reddington. Sam is also someone Red loves, and knows for most of his life. What is notorious is that while Katarina asked Sam to take care of her child, Sam in reality follows Red's directives to raise Liz, joining Dom, who follows what Red wants in what to tell Liz, and Naomi, who also ASKS Red when is Red going to tell Liz something.
Now let us turn to Liz's other parent, RR only known, non-blood relatives, his wife and daughter of record. The hapless, forever cheated on Naomi, and her sad daughter Jennifer, hiding in utter fear.
Of course the narrative on Naomi Hyland AKA Carla Reddington does not hold up any better to scrutiny.
For one, she was in WITSEC, which is not for scared wives, but for witness who provide evidence or testimony. So we have supposedly fake evidence fabricated by the lover, Katarina, but is the wife who seems to have provided it. Naomi also seem to have instilled in her daughter Jennifer a genuine fear of Reddington, but we know she was not scared of Red at all. If her father had died, it would have been easier to tell so to her daughter, rather than letting her live in fear?
Naomi also uses strange words to refer to what she left behind, "one life", not "her life". She inquires how much Liz knows, seems to take his cues of what to say to Liz from Red, but recognizes in Agent Elizabeth Keen little Masha Rostova. She marvels at Red "pulling it off" working with Liz. She also emphasizes that Jennifer is HER daughter.
Naomi's 2014 kidnapping by Berlin ends with Red giving her a new identity with her husband, but when he looks for her in 2019 because of the bones, he cannot find her or any news of a violent death.
Naomi held to dismemberment without providing Berlin with any information, attempted a daring and difficult attack to escape, and has a temper shown in the punch to the face she gives Red, drawing blood. Yet their goodbye remains a tender affair. She also told Red that Jennifer left because she was scared of him, which is not what Jennifer tells Red.
And talking about Jennifer Reddington, nothing does any better in the matter of holding the narrative. While she appears a sad woman working in a bar for minimum wage when we meet her, we know she has a college education, it is likely that the identity Lillian Roth was given to her in 2017 (no trace of college or any prior life events, like she appeared in 2017) and she may have recognized Liz, because if she was scared of her father, she likely followed news about him, and Liz was attached to Reddington's name while she was a fugitive. She also knows Liz is remembering things said about the beach house. "20 steps to the sand".
If RR saw his daughter Masha, then it makes sense she would spend time with him, and likely his wife and daughter, since they both recognize her.

Jennifer tells Liz that she is Jennifer Reddington, which makes no sense because she is hiding from him, and Liz has been linked to him. But not only that, when she comes into possession of the bones, instead of going to Liz (she had been to her apartment), Ross has this elaborate plan where he takes Liz fake-hostage and Red exchanges himself for her life, and Liz is beaten up voluntarily, all to have Red tell them the secret of the bones, which supposedly they have, because there is a report shown to Liz by Jennifer, which states the bones had been identified as the remains of RR. If she really wanted Liz's help, was calling her for a chat too simple a deal? Or was that high stakes charade necessary to sell that ludicrous report?
Later, the sister join forces, with Jennifer supposedly scared to death Red would see her, but meeting with him with no fear in a restaurant, unbeknown to Liz, to take him to "Naomi's" (not her mother's) tombstone in exchange for honest answers about the only real question she asked of Red: "Why am I here?"
The bones's identification as RR's remains does not hold any better to scrutiny than the rest of the narrative has. Liz undoubtedly saw a report which told her that the remains were of her bio-father, RR. But the actions of all the others who look at the report, or interact with or about the bones makes no sense if that is their ID.
DEMBE: Ross wants blood. He thinks you (RED=RR) ruined his life. (BY TRICKING ROSS TO SELL BOGUS PLANS)
RED: I didn't give Sutton Ross bogus plans for the Grayscape Seventeen. (IT WAS A US NAVY COUNTERINTELLIGENCE OPERATION)
DEMBE: But he thinks you (RED=RR) did, and because of that, he wants to world to know what's inside the duffel. (A SECRET RED WANTS TO KEEP, NOT THE BONES OF RR, ON WHOM ROSS WANTS REVENGE)
So, if, as it seems, the bones could not have really been identified as the remains of RR, Liz's bio-father, how on earth did Liz see a report that said just that? It seems likely Jennifer made a fake DNA test, as Red warned Liz not to be fooled by such a thing:
Honestly, Elizabeth, it astounds me that you could be hornswoggled by something as simple to fabricate as a DNA profile.
And if she did this, then her objective was to fool Liz into believing Red was a supplanter, not their father (Biological father for Liz, and if we trust the emphasis Naomi put on Jennifer being HER daughter, Jennifer's legal father), but not bio-father.)
At the first opportunity available, Jennifer convinced Liz to send Red to jail, where he would stand trial for treason, thus answering what was Jennifer first real question to Red: "Why am I here?", meaning why was she in WITSEC, a question Red answered by telling Jennifer:
You weren't abandoned. You were protected.... In 1990, the KGB and the CIA had almost nothing in common except the mutual determination to hunt down one individual.... Being a fugitive from American law enforcement is a lot easier than being a fugitive from the two most powerful nations on Earth. And anyone close to a target of theirs becomes a target themselves....Especially family.
Jennifer seemed to believe that individual was Red, but we know it was katarina, chased by the CIA and the KGB. And when Red is put on trial for treason, the evidence which landed him indicted of it surfaces: evidence that he was framed by Katarina Rostova, working with Fitch. And if his wife was in witness protection for providing the evidence, the trail of money to the accounts, as it seems, then it exposed for those in the know, who had framed him. Red gave Jennifer the why.
Why were Naomi and Jennifer hiding, and who was to blame.
As well as why was RR still using the name Reddington, instead of changing his face and using a different name: it maintained Naomi in WITSEC awaiting a trial that for 30 years had not happened, as long as he appeared to be alive. Sure, his being a criminal protected Liz, but it was not remaining Raymond Reddington that did it, because nobody knew the relationship between them, one he takes pains not to reveal. So, the only reason why Red, regardless of who he was before, remained Raymond Reddington past getting money from the banks, was for the benefit of one person: The woman we met as Naomi Hyland.
When we get to the framing of RR for the Gideon, again we run into a while bunch of nonsense trying to uphold the apparent narrative. For example, If RR was truly the ONLY officer who knew the coordinates, how come he was not a suspect? Even before Katarina framed him, he would have been a suspect, he should have been investigated. But he was not, he was a respected officer going around his business.
We then have the communique expressing Lamprey indicated new coordinates. It HAD to have been found contemporary to the events, or shortly thereafter, or a frame up would be suspected. So, who was Lamprey? And who indicated Lamprey was RR? Because whoever Lamprey was, he/she was a valuable asset for the KGB, while RR was considered the KBG's biggest enemy.
The money part, those $6 million, that was easy to do and backdate. Fingerprints and a password. But it seems to me that Katarina simply found a way to convey that Lamprey was Reddington, which was a nice sleight of hand. And so we have to consider that Lamprey was a traitor, likely in the CIA or the US Navy and that by framing Reddington, Katarina also protected him/her.
And that takes us to the fire. RR (bio-father) takes his child because Katarina (adoptive-mother) would not let him see her. This the early Fall of 1991, given how Kate and the cops are dressed. So, we know NOTHING of what was happening and where were:
  1. RR with a small child,
  2. Katarina looking for him,
  3. Carla Reddington, who was no longer living in the DC area,
  4. The Russians who seem to have lost an agent?
  5. What is Constantin Rostov doing?
  6. Where was Kate waiting?
That narrative does not hold up at all, especially because as Red says, Katarina wanted to be a family with RR. So, is Katarina the woman playing with Liz and RR in a Christmas tree lot, so before December 24th? Is she the woman heard saying "catch me" while Liz and who could be another child, dressed identically, are trying to find "him", before a man calls Liz "Lizzy and the girl runs to him, happily. Or is this woman heard there Carla Reddington, and RR took Liz to his wife and child in an undisclosed location?
Then we addressed the memories of the fire, and the arguments, concluding that we have two sets of arguments, one between RR and Katarina, and another between Katarina and some other man.
We have 2 locations, one a live in house, from which Liz is abducted after the house was on fire. The place where Liz sees Hat Man outside, down but trying to get up, and unless Liz remembers her hair in different ways, we might have a curly hair girl and a wavy hair girl, which, if Liz does not remember having a sister, and the girls looked similar, she might think is her. Then we have an extraction, in which Katarina seems to be distracting the man, while there is a rescue until the man realizes there are people in the house, who are then directed to search for a small object. This is where the fights happened, and where Liz shoots her father, or who she thinks is her father.
So what we see as one long argument may be two occasions, even if there are on the same night. The questions remain: we have two months to account for, between the abduction from Cape Breton Island, and the fire, as we know RR is reported missing by his wife Carla circa December 27th.
When did the KGB realize she was not coming back? Did they get to Rostov to asking him questions? Is this when he hid, changed his name? Lost his investments in Russia? And how come nobody realizes this Kirk dude is Rostov? Is it because they never met the real Constantin Rostov? Who did they think was Rostov? And what exactly was Katarina really doing for the KGB?
Was she the one seducing targets? Or was that another one of the women using the name, such as Fakerina? A woman who said:
With all the stories of women forced to marry or to have children (1.13 The Cyprus Agency, 2.12 The Kenyon Family, 4.13 Alistair Pitt, 4.15 The Apothecary, 6.17 Ana Grazia Duerte, 7.07 Hanna Hayes), six storylines featuring women forced by various means to marry, or to have children, we have to wonder, did someone forced Fakerina to have a child she did not want? Or was it part of her job to get kompromat?
We even have men having children they did not even know they had, basically because they were dead in Nyle Hatcher. Because one thing we have learn about what Red knows about Fakerina (or blond Kat) is that they do not know what's her real name:
She doesn't have a name. She's a ghost. Think of a name, any name, and that could be it.
Mmmh I knew her as Katarina Rostova. One of her many names. She was a KGB agent**.**
So it is possible that Fakerina, or another one of the women playing "Katarina Rostova" is Liz's bio-mother. Was she the one assigned to seduce RR? A sleeper agent, seducing a young Naval officer?
35 years ago, a Naval intelligence officer working for the US government fell fell into a relationship with a beautiful Russian woman. Unbeknownst to his superiors, that relationship, which started as guarded attraction, quickly evolved into passion, which resulted in pregnancy.
They had the child. A girl, whom they both loved.
What the Naval officer didn't know, but certainly should have suspected, was that the Russian woman was a KGB officer, that Katarina Rostova had been assigned to get close to Raymond Reddington and steal classified information from him.
And having children with targets was sometimes a technique used to enhance the control on the targets. Did the bio-mother really love Liz? We do not know. What we know is that the woman raising her is not the bio-mother, but Katarina.
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2020.09.01 06:17 Revolutionary_Voice5 How I Would Have Booked: Wrestlemania 36

First off, Hello, this will be my first post in general. I am a huge fan of professional wrestling, my most common is WWE which i grew up watching. With that out of the way, I will be taking a look back at WM36 which took place in the performance center due to the initial worldwide outbreak of covid-19 in March. Despite some critics crapping on the show prior to the date, they delivered a great show and made the most of the situation.
However, despite it's goodness, some storylines fell flat and I know it should have been booked way better in the prior months leading up to it. Therefore, I believe I can make it a way better story driven card and better booked. Please hold back harsh criticism as this is my first booking. Ill explain each match and build up all the story lines going all the way back to the night after Mania last year.
Note: Covid-19 doesn't occur in this booking. With that let's get to it! Also, in this universe, the wild card rule doesn't exist either because it was dumb and took away from the draft logic.brand locations after the shakeup account for here too and the draft remains the same except with a few starts not switching brands such as Andrade and Lars Sullivan.
2nd Note: The IC tittle does not get a new design because i personally hated the new one compared to the original white belt.
3rd Note: Teams such as SaNiTy (Moves to Raw), The Riott Squad (Stays on Raw), and Chad Gable and Bobby Roode (Moves to Smackdown), and The Bar (Stays on Smackdown) don't get split apart. Other teams such as The Usos and Lucha House Party stay on Raw. The War Raiders are not called up either and remain on NXT for the long run with the tag belts.

Raw's Storylines

WWE Championship Match: Brock Lesnar (c) vs. Drew McIntyre
I refuse to change the booking as this was the perfect match to set up for the show and the buildup was done excellent. Lesnar still wins the WWE tittle from Kingston but in a actual match that lasts around seven minutes until Kingston can't fight off Lesnar to avoid making him look week. McIntyre still turns face in January and wins the rumble just like he had. Lesnar still enters and dominates the other 13 guys except for Keith Lee who manages to give a fighting effort, and a few stars that didn't deserve to get buried like John Morrison and Cesaro do not enter early on. McIntyre still eliminates Lesnar without help from Ricochet and sets up the start of their feud. In the following months, Paul Heyman attempts to sway McIntyre away from facing Lesnar as he has no idea what Lesnar can do to anyone who steps up to him but McIntyre ignores and continues to build himself as a threat defeating superstars such as Lashley, Baron Corbin, Erick Rowan, MVP, and Seth Rollins.
McIntyre's past failures and shortcomings are mentioned by Heyman as he seemingly starts to get into his head. McIntyre, however, reverses this and says that he has come along way since his original run mentioning his run in NXT and his change of character and physique and that he never had to resort to Lesnar's weaknesses. All of this over the course of February and March shows Lesnar becoming more and more alarmed and feeling more and more threatened with each week passing and McIntyre building momentum with his in ring work and with the fans. On the final Raw prior to Mania, McIntyre corners Heyman but Lesnar appears and beats McIntyre down using a steel chair repeating this over and over again. To mock McIntyre for his past in 3MB, he F5's him on the barricade just like he had done 7 years prior when he attacked him, Mahal, and Slater on a episode of Raw in 2013. Lesnar does the 3MB pose over his body as McIntyre sits there in severe pain from the beating.
United States Championship Match: Ricochet (c) vs. Aleister Black (Falls Count Anywhere)
Samoe Joe should have had a more legitimate reign, Joe never drops the belt to Mysterio at MITB 2019 and doesn't enter a feud with Ricochet until later in the summer. Black and Ricochet get split up in the shakeup and Ricochet builds himself up in the months following as Black is relegated to nothing as management seemingly forgets about him Ricochet picks up serious momentum defeating AJ Styles, Rey Mysterio, and EC3 en route to challenge Joe for the title at Summerslam. At the event, Ricochet defeats Joe in a underdog like style with two 630 sentons and wins the tittle. Meanwhile, Black fails to find his spot on the card after his feud with Andrade is cut before it can even get started. As Ricochet grows with popularity and mic work with the fans and Black falls to nothing, when the draft rolls around, Black is drafted back to Raw but in the last round of the second night. Black is seen to be cast a afterthought.
In November, Ricochet finds Black sitting alone backstage where Black acts more distant as he stares at the wall until Ricochet snaps him out of it. Seeing that Black has lost himself, he tells Black to ask for a qualifier to fight for team Raw at Survivor Series and show his worth. Black enters the match after defeating Baron Corbin after Corbin attempts to cheat several times and Ricochet arrives and stops him from doing so allowing Black to hit the Black Mass. At Survivor Series, Black is on team Raw and is one of the final two members alongside Rollins. During the match, Black eliminates several superstars such as Damien Priest (NXT) and Mustafa Ali (Smackdown. In the closing moments, Black eliminates Ciampa and Strowman but is eliminated by Reigns. Smackdown still wins the match. Despite failing to win, Black impresses and is congratulated from Ricochet and the duo tags together from there and wins several matches and eventually earns a shot at the Raw tag tittles held by Gallows and Anderson the night after the Royal Rumble.
After Ricochet hits a superkick and prepares 630 to Anderson as Black hits the black mass to Gallows, it appears Black and Ricochet will finally win the gold together when suddenly Blacks hits the black mass on Ricochet as he is on the top rope. Ricochet falls to the ground and Black lays Anderson over top of him as the ref counts the three. After the match, Anderson and Gallows flee as they escape with the belts as Ricochet appears shocked at his friend's betrayal. Black appears emotionless as he proceeds to brutalize Ricochet in the ring.
In the following weeks, Black is seen to have hit a meltdown or sorts as he appears darker. Ricochet is bent on finding out what caused Black's turn but is interrupted by Lashley who has unfinished business with Ricochet following his elimination from the rumble by Black and Ricochet. Ricochet successfully defeats Lashley with a surprise roll up at the Elimination Chamber. After the match, Lashley attempts to attack Ricochet but Black appears and black masses Lashley knocking him out of the ring as he grabs a microphone and finally breaks his silence. Black goes off on Ricochet citing how in NXT, he was the champion that Ricochet wishes he could have been and how Ricochet dragged him down, he tells Ricochet that it should have been him that went over with the fans. Frustrated at his lack of success, Black snapped as he hits three black masses to Ricochet as he holds the United States Championship and points at the WrestleMania sign before leaving.
Black continuously taunts Ricochet and puts him down siting his inability to do anything but do flips and appeal to the fans that will cheer for anything stupid and not what deserves it like himself. On the last raw before Mania, Black brutally attacks superstars such as Sin Cara, Rey Myserio, Humberto Carillo, and others to capture Ricochet's attention. He attacks the superstars in different areas in the arena and challenges Ricochet to take their match all over the arena where everything can be used to destroy each other. Ricochet accepts Black's challenge.
Raw Tag Team Championship: The Club (AJ Styles, Luke Gallows, and Karl Anderson) (c) vs. SaNiTy (Eric Young, Killian Dain, and Alexander Wolfe) in a 6 man elimination match.
Following Mania 35, The Usos defeat Ryder and Hawkins at Stomping Grounds to win the belts. Afterwards The Usos are attacked The Club fully reunited as Styles had caved in much earlier and joins his boys to attack the champs. Gallows and Anderson won the tag tittles at Clash of Champions and have carried them in the freebird rule alongside Styles. They proceed to defeat the teams of Ryder & Hawkins, LHP, The Ascension, and The Street Profits. After winning against the Profits at the rumble and attacking them afterwards, the lights go out and when they come back on, Gallows and Anderson are out at ringside. Styles finds himself alone in the ring when he turns around to reveal a hooded figure standing on the apron as suddenly two others approach on the opposite sides of Styles as the first figure removes his mask revealing ERIC YOUNG! Dain and Wolfe reveal themselves and storm the ring as the three attack Styles as the crowd pops for their return and this officially turns them face. Eric Young is jumped backstage on the show before EC 2020 and is injured.
At the elimination chamber, SaNity fights the other 5 teams for a shot to face The Club at Mania for the belts and entering the chamber at number one, Wolfe and Dain fight through all the teams and last eliminate The Usos to win. After the match, The Club attacks Dain & Wolfe. During the next few weeks, they taunt Dain & Wolfe during their matches and use their number game to their advantage. Eventually Styles defeats Dain in a highly acclaimed match on Raw to allow all members of the club will battle Dain and Wolfe in a 2 on 3 handicap match unless Young returns in time for the event.
On the final Raw, The Club attacks Wolfe and Dain alone backstage as they proceed to taunt them prior to their final showdown. Styles prepares to fight The Uso's with Gallows and Anderson. It cuts away to reveal Gallows and Anderson attacked backstage as Styles watches. The crazed figure is revealed to be Eric Young with a steel pipe as he attacks. Styles attempts to flee the arena but The Uso's prevent him for escaping as he turns around in the ring to reveal Eric Young with a crazed look in his eyes. Young pummels Styles several times with the pipe as Styles flees throughout the crowd. Alexander Wolfe and Killian Dain rise from different areas in the crowd to reveal themselves as Styles flees and sets up the 6 man tittle match officially for the show.
Raw Women's Championship: Becky Lynch (c) vs. Shayna Baszler (Submission Match)
Shayna enters at 30 and clears house but the only difference is she actually wins the match and eliminates Charlotte to win the match. In the build up, Baszler doesn't bite Lynch's ear and instead taunts the champion the same way she did in the real feud, she also calls Lynch weak after working her ass off to get where she was last year around this time and tells her she lost her edge after she ran out of credible opponents ranting on the weakness of the women's division and says that the main cause of this is because someone like Lynch is champion instead of a real fighter.
Lynch puts away her less serious side and prepares as she retains her Raw Women's tittle in the Elimination Chamber after barely eliminating Asuka. Baszler appears after the match and circles the ring as Lynch watches her. In the coming weeks, Baszler mentions Rhonda Rousey and how she was the perfect example of a fighter and how Becky has used the easy way out and that she would knock her ass out at Mania. Lynch challenges her to a submission match and Baszler accepts as she beats several female raw stars in the weeks to come.
Non Title Raw Feuds

Smackdown Storylines

Universal Championship: The Fiend "Bray Wyatt" (c) vs. Roman Reigns
To fix the awful SSD ending with Goldberg, Goldberg gets murdered by the Fiend and he is defeated in less than a minute. Therefore this sets up the Fiend to face Reigns like it was planned from the start, Wyatt is still booked strong and in this version, he won the title at Hell in a Cell like he should have to start off with. Wyatt holds the title and defeats the same people except his feud with Bryan is scrapped and he defeats Sami Zayn after he mocks the Fiend at Royal Rumble. At Elimination Chamber, Reigns defeats John Morrison in the finals of a tournament to challenge the Fiend at Mania once and for all and try to end his reign of terror.
Intercontinental Championship: Shinsuke Nakamura (c) vs. Sami Zayn
In the buildup, Nakamura still wins the IC tittle from Balor at Extreme Rules and gets into a partnership with Zayn, but in this case, Zayn still is a active competitor most of the time and eventually is able to get a one on one shot for the Universal title against The Fiend after he insulted him and mocked his character. Wyatt destroys Zayn but something happens afterwards that had affected The Miz and Rollins the same way. Zayn slowly reverts to his face character as he prevents himself from cheating and often Nakamura. Zayn slowly begins to praise more towards the fans and all of this combined with Nakamura's slow tension building with Zayn, he attacks Zayn and Zayn officially turns face for the first time since 2017. He embraces the fans and does his entrance he use to as he apologizes for his actions and challenges Nakamura to put his tittle on the line at Mania and have a official rematch four years since their encounter at NXT Takeover Dallas. Nakamura is booked strong and doesn't lose to Strowman as him and Zayn are set to clash the same way they did, with Zayn back to his face lovable character and Nakamura to his old style.
Smackdown Tag Team Championship: The Authors of Pain (c) vs. The Revival
AOP returns and defeats Bryan and Rowan to win the Smackdown Tag Titles. The other teams of Bobby Roode and Chad Gable, Daniel Bryan and EC3, The New Day, and John Morrison and The Miz crumble to them. Eventually, The Revival turn face and step up to take out the Authors of Pain who have redeemed themselves without any manger as The Revival prepare to show the Authors of Pain who the Revival are. The Revival return in November andrevert to pure wrestling and show respect after their matches signaling the turn as AOP runs through the others. Finally in February, The Revival defeat the other teams in a gauntlet and win the chance to fight for the tittles
Smackdown Woman's Championship: Bayley (c) vs. Sasha Banks
Sasha will attack Bayley at Elimination Chamber possibly after they lose to the Kabuki Warriors in a match for the Tag Team Championships and Bayley blames the loss on Banks turning face. This sets up Bayley berating Banks and everyone else in the division with Banks calling Bayley out for what she became referencing her downfalls and that Banks would lead another one. Bayley mocks Banks and calls her out on all her failed reigns. In this version, Charlotte never beat Bayley so she has held the title for nearly 9 plus months. Banks attempts to bring Bayley back by showing her the old clips with her and her fans who adored her and fear her now for what she became. Bayley disregards her fans and reminds Banks that she was a bitch. This leads to Banks and Bayley brawling and Bayley escaping setting up the final match.
Not Tittle Feuds

Other Title Matches and Matches

Due to no outbreak, the event isn't cut into two nights but this is perfectly fine. With all of this, let's get into the official card and book this event the way it deserved. Winners will be marked in bold.

WrestleMania 36

Kickoff Show
The Kickoff show is met with four matches for the hour and a half pre-show.
  1. Women's Tag Championships: Kabuki Warriors (Asuka and Kari Sane) (c) vs. Alexa Bliss and Nikki Cross vs. The Divas of Doom (Beth Phoenix and Natalya) (12:32) - to kickoff for the live crowd entering the arena, the female tag teams brawl it out in a close contest with several near falls. The match concludes after Asuka reverses a glam slam into the asuka lock and submits Phoenix as Kari Sane takes out Natalya who attempts to break up the submission. Asuka and Sane continue their reign like they should have and continue to rebuild credibility for the tag belts.
  2. Andre The Giant Memorial Battle Royal: Chad Gable wins by last eliminating Bobby Roode (11:54) - One of the many arcs for the match during its buildup is the tension growing between Roode and Gable due to Gable growing more and more popular with the fans due to his strength, moveset, and look. This is further backed up when Gable nearly wins the king of the ring tournament but falls short to Baron Corbin but still earns the crowds support. Roode knows Gable is growing more popular and that he will be outshines so he consistently reminds Gable he wouldn't be able to flourish on his own due to his past career spent only in tag teams. Gable goes with Roode and the two survive together throughout the entire match eventually coming down to them and Andrade, Baron Corbin, and Jeff Hardy. Andrade eliminates Hardy and Gable eliminates Andrade and Corbin with a double suplex that sends them both over the top rope and receives a huge reaction from the crowd. Roode and Gable stand together as Roode tells Gable to eliminate himself and let the glorious one bask in his victory. As it looks like Gable will surrender to his partner, he super kicks Roode and finally breaks away as he screams it took him 4 years to get his own WrestleMania moment and his night would be tonight. He delivers two more super kicks before he close lines Roode over the top rope to win the match as the crowd embraces Gable as he celebrates his Mania moment as Roode is still shocked. Gable wins this match and wins a short feud against Roode and begins his run as a strong mid-carder on Smackdown.
  3. The Bar (Cesaro and Sheamus) vs. Luke Harper and Erick Rowan (16:02) - This match is highly action packed. The Bar fail to gain chemistry against the sheer power from Rowan and Harper but they come more and more together as the match goes along and save each other from getting double team several times. Eventually after a miscommunication causes Harper to superkick Rowan, Sheamus bro kicks Harper out of the ring allowing them to have the advantage. The Bar hits the Irish curse elbow drop to finish off Rowan and the duo win their last match together as they embrace after the match and part ways.
  4. Women's Battle Royal: Bianca Belair wins by last eliminating Nia Jax - Not much goes into this match but Nia Jax returns before Mania and announces herself as the winner of the match already and Belair appears a surpise entrant. In the match, Jax eliminates a good amount of the competition as does Belair, Ruby Riott, and Tamina. It appears Jax and Tamina will team up but Jax turns on Tamina and eliminates her as Belair eliminates Riott who is shown to be very desperate to win. It appears as if Jax will overpower Belair but she she uses her K.O.D hair whip to incapacitate Jax to the ground, with a last ditch of fight, Jax charges at Belair and knocks her over the rope but Belair remains on the apron. Jax realizes this and goes to yank Belair off the rope but Belair dodges her grapple and uses one last K.O.D to stun Jax. Belair holds the rope low and lifts Jax over and eliminates her as she wins the match to a decent pop.
Main Show
The actual show starts off with the performance of the national anthem and the fireworks set off within Raymond James Stadium to officially start the event. Christian serves as the host of WrestleMania as he welcomes the crowd to a pop considering he resides in Florida and of his past fame. He takes the position mainly to monitor Edge and embrace the crowd once again.
  1. Raw Women's Championship: Becky Lynch (c) vs. Shayna Baszler (Submission Match) (12:03) - The match picks off intense with Lynch firing back against Baszler and showing she had prepared for her intense style, initially Baszler looks to be in trouble but after a while, Lynch slowly over exasperates herself as Baszler picks up her intensity and attempts to drop Lynch with a armbar of her own but Lynch hits the bexploder suplex and regains control. In the closing few moments, Baszler delivers a jumping knee and four Yokosuka Cutters as Lynch crawls to the rope, Baszler steps on her hand to prevent her from escaping. Lynch spins on the ground and knocks Baszler to the ground and pounces on her and puts her in the dis-arm-her as Baszler attempts to fight out of it. However, Lynch fails to put Baszler away and she rolls out of it after playing dead and locks her in the ace of spades. Lynch makes it back to her feet but with all her energy gone, she collapses and succumbs to the submission as she passes out and Baszler keeps the hold applied even after the bell. The ref separates Baszler and checks on her as Baszler is crowned the new champion as she smiles sadistically and laughs at Lynch who is out. Baszler holds the belt over Lynch. Baszler goes over strong and Lynch announces her pregnancy soon after and leaves leaving Baszler as the new bad ass of the division and to start her own great run.
  2. The Miz vs. John Morrison (9:43) - Miz attacks Morrison before the bell and takes Morrison down to one knee as he tells the ref to start the match. During the early part, Miz blocks off Morrison's attempts to use the ropes to his advantage and targets his legs and midsection. Miz throws Morrison into the turnbuckle and grabs a mic to mock Morrison and state how far he has fallen. Morrison rallies behind this built up anger from Miz ruining his initial run and when Miz fails to notice him returning to his feet, Morrison springboards onto Miz and knocks him down and hits several signature moves onto the Miz who attempts to battle the new fire in Morrison. Eventually, Miz attempts the skull crushing finale but Morrison superkicks Miz after doing a handstand flip to move away. Morrison uses the rope to gain momentum and hits the running dive knee as he then hits starship pain to put away Miz.
  3. Raw Tag Team Championship: The Club (AJ Styles, Karl Anderson, and Luke Gallows) (c) vs. SaNiTy (Eric Young, Killian Dain, and Alexander Wolfe) (10:04) (6 man elimination match) - After The Club targets Dain first and keeps Young or Wolfe from stopping their assault, it appears it will be a quick match for the Club, however, Dain fights back and Young and Wolfe get their game on. Eventually, the three members of SaNiTy take Styles out and throw him through the announce table. Alone without the numbers game, Gallows and Anderson are mauled by SaNity and are eliminated first with a dive from Dain to Anderson and then Gallows with a devastation double team from Wolfe and Dain. Styles notices he is alone as the trio swarm him. Styles attempts to throw in the towel and award the match to them but the three ignore and attack Styles. In the ring, the group takes their turns hitting Styles with their finishers before they finally finish him with a stairway to chaos and Young pins Styles as Dain and Wolfe stand and embrace the crowd on the nearby middle ropes and are awarded the championships as Styles in taken from the ring by Gallows and Anderson.
  4. Otis vs. Dolph Ziggler (4:01) - Once again, nothing is changed. The only difference is the match is shorter and Otis kicks Ziggler's ass and him and Mandy embrace to a pop and kiss in the ring with Tucker after Ziggler and Deville are taken out.
  5. Seth Rollins and Buddy Murphy vs. Kevin Owens and Cedric Alexander (14:37) - This match is all action as Murphy and Alexander start things off fast paced, the match picks up for the advantage to Rollins and Murphy after Owens is taken out. Cedric hits a few big moves to Rollins for some near falls and receives the pop from the crowd. Eventually, the numbers catch up to Alexander as Seth hits a blackout and it about to win when Owen storms a comeback from the outside and does a splash from the top rope to avoid the count. Owens hits offense against Murphy and Rollins both and eventually a double team move from the pair is stopped when Owens and Alexander double superkick Murphy off the top turnbuckle leaving Rollins. Rollins attempts to hit a high knee to Owens but Alexander superkicks him as Owens catches him with a stunner as he drops him. Owens signals to Alexander to climb to the top rope as the crowd cheers. Alexander hits a moonsault to Rollins and then a middle rope dive onto Murphy outside as Owens covers Rollins for the win. The duo celebrate with the fans after the match as Rollins looks on with anger.
  6. Intercontinental Championship: Shinsuke Nakamura (c) vs. Sami Zayn (20:03) - These two clash in a absolute classic with Zayn going back to his face like offense using his middle apron ddt and his springboard over the top rope. Shinsuke goes back to his original strong style that was taken away on the main roster and the two give a rematch that blows the house down. Near fall after near fall brings the crowd to their feet. The match comes to a end when Mura taunts a downed Zayn preparing for the Kinshasa. All of a sudden, Zayn springs to life and delivers a helluva kick that surprises Nakamura. He proceeds to throw Nakamura into the three other corners and hits three more helluva kicks and pins Nakamura to the crowds delight and embraces the crowd with a crowd dive as he holds his first main roster title as Nakamura is left in shambles.
  7. NXT Women's Championship: Rhea Ripley (c) vs. Charlotte Flair (16:15) - The match they originally had was excellent so the match stays the same, only difference is the ending. Charlotte attempts a top rope moonsault but Ripley catches her mid jump and delivers a sudden and quick riptide and pins her to a pop from the crowd. Ripley deserved to hold the title longer and Charlotte never needed this to begin with but it was a great match and this time, the right person won.
  8. Lars Sullivan vs. John Cena (3:21) - Cena enters the ring and right away lunges at Sullivan firing hard to knock the giant to his feet. Cena hits a AA and applies the stfu but Sullivan quickly shows his strength and throws Cena off once he gets back to his feet. Cena does everything possible to take out Sullivan but in order to show Sullivan's dominance and future status, he hits several bodyslams before hitting Cena with a freak accident as he lays his foot on top of Cena and wins the match quickly and clean.
  9. Smackdown Tag Team Championship: The Authors of Pain (c) vs. The Revival (22:12) - Once again, these guys dominate the art of tag wrestling and the duos battle it out in a very NXT style match. The match looks to be a close one for AOP but the Revival rally together and reverse the last chapter causing Akam and Rezar to stumble into each other, Wilder and Dawson take Rezar out as Akam rallies to fight both of them but after a double knee shot, the pair hits a shatter machine from the rope as both cover Akam and win the titles ending AOP's dominant reign.
  10. Daniel Bryan vs. EC3 (15:27) - A evenly matched fight between the former pro and rookie is excellent and EC3 and Bryan hit move after move attempting to out perform the other. EC3 pans to the crowd a lot as Bryan makes him pay for it. Bryan attempts to hit a running knee and then applies the lebell lock but EC3 fights out. Bryan attempts to hit a running knee again to floor EC3 but he dodges and performs a high knee to stun Bryan. EC3 drops Bryan with the one percenter and pins his former teacher. Following the match, it appears EC3 will attack Bryan but instead he offers a hand to him and when Bryan accepts, the two embrace together as Bryan admits defeat. EC3 holds up Bryan's hand as Bryan leaves the ring to let the winner enjoy his first Mania moment.
  11. United States Championship: Ricohet (c) vs. Aleister Black (Falls Count Anywhere) (18:05) - This match is nothing short of brutal and intense. Black and Ricochet fight through the crowd and through the back in a fast paced encounter. Ricochet fires his aggressive side to evenly match the new dark side of Black and delivers a 630 to Black from the top of the production truck. Black shows no will to quit and breaks out at 2. The battle travels through the backstage area. The two battle it back out through the crowd as they approach the upper level of the arena with a railing between them and the ground, Ricochet prepares to superkick Black over the top but Black rises and hits a strong knee to stun Ricochet who was close to victory. Black hits a black mass which knocks Ricochet over the rail and to the ground below. Black climbs over and hops down as he covers his former friend to win the US title and prove he was superior as he smiles as the ref awards him the victory as the crowd cheers him despite being a heel since he would be over.
  12. Edge vs. Randy Orton (Last Man Standing) (25:40) - The match is about the same with the same spots mostly but is cut short by quite a bit. Eventually the fight ends up on the stage where Orton prepares to punt kick Edge and re-injure his neck. However, Randy Orton attacks Christian as he prepares give a rko to him off the stage through a table he had set up earlier. Orton is about to finish Christian off when he smiles when Orton realizes he was tricked into losing focus. Edge appears behind the pair as Orton tries to react quickly but Edge screams and spears Orton off the stage through the table and the production crates as Christian watches from the stage. At 8, a hand emerges and it's revealed to be Edge as he rises to his feet, however, Orton is seen attempting to crawl to his feet as well but Orton collapses and Edge returns just in time to make the count as him and Christian embrace on the stage together once again.
  13. Universal Championship: The Fiend "Bray Wyatt" (c) vs. Roman Reigns (7:07) - Reigns enters to a course of boos expecting him to dethrone Wyatt and take the title and Wyatt enters to a ring of cheers. Reigns brings quick offense to the Fiend and surprises the crowd with three spears but Wyatt rises to his feet. Roman quickly wears himself out within the six minutes as Wyatt looks to be at his strongest point. Reigns is obliterated by The Fiend who mauls him as he makes Reigns pass out to the mandible claw. Instead of being booed, the Fiend is applaud as the crowd cheers him on as he crawls over Reigns and stares over him.
  14. Undertaker vs. Elias (0:54) - Before the match, Elias appears in the crowd singing a song mocking Undertaker about his age and recent failures his match against Goldberg in Saudi, the lights in the arena fade to black as Elias yells for being cut off, suddenly Elias is shown with a spotlight on himself. He appears horrified as a druid appears to be coming towards him as he rushes to escape through the stage but finds another druid blocking his escape as he rushes with his guitar towards the stairs out of the area when he sees another pair of druids coming down towards him. Elias who is now scared rushes towards the ring and in the middle as the ring is surrounded with druids, 24 to be exact. Elias prepares to swing his guitar at one who enters the ring. He stops after the figure removes their mask revealing it to be himself but with no emotion across his face. Elias freezes in his place when suddenly the lights go out completely and come back on revealing Elias to be alone with no sign of the druids as he appears shocked and blurry eyed. Unaware that Undertaker is behind him, the referee rings the bell and Undertaker attacks Elias with two choke slams and then finally a tombstone piledriver to win. Elias is left in the ring scared to death as Undertaker rises victorious. The lights go out once more as Elias screams out but can't be seen. When the lights come back on, both he and Taker are gone and all that remains in the ring is Elias's guitar which has now been destroyed.
  15. Smackdown Woman's Championship: Bayley (c) vs. Sasha Banks (18:00) - In the final moments, Banks delivers a double knee drop and Bayley hits a bayley to belly. The match appears to be on Sasha's side when Bayley indirectly knocks out the referee. Bayley attacks Banks with several dive attacks and goes to grab her title which she prepares to use to finish her off. Bayley attempts to smash Banks with the belt but Banks dodges the attack and applies the banks statement. Bayley attempts everything to escape the hold but Banks uses all of her might to submit Bayley as she eventually taps out. After the match, Bayley is furious and berates the crowd and Banks but is hit in the face with the belt and knocks her off the apron by who embraces the universe as Bayley in a rage is left on the ramp furious.
  16. WWE Championship Match: Brock Lesnar (c) vs. Drew McIntyre (4:37) - Despite the injuries sustained, McIntyre ready's himself for the fight. As soon as the bell rings, Lesnar hops right away to attack McIntyre's middle with gut attacks in the corner and several suplexes. He hits three F5's and is believed to have ended McIntyre's run to the top but he kicks out. Lesnar attempts another F5 but McIntyre rallies back feeding off the crowds energy as he throws Lesnar off him, Lesnar is shocked at the change of pace and is hit with four consecutive claymores and a future shock DDT as McIntyre crawls to the cover and is crowned the new WWE champion to a humongous pop. McIntyre appears very emotional as he handed the championship with tears in his eyes showing his transformation and strong work. He receives a standing ovation from the crowd as confetti rains down as McIntyre poses on the top rope holding the title in one hand and raising it high as Lesnar and Heyman walk away in shame.
With that, that is how I would have booked WrestleMania 36 with a crowd and with a ton of buildup. Please comment what you thought and any future ideas you might have for me to book.
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2020.08.27 15:19 TopGolfUFO In February of 1982 Leon Moncer of Bellaire Ohio received a death threat in the mail. Made out of cut out magazine letters, the note read "Leave it alone or you are dead". He vanished soon after, and his case had never been solved. Almost forty years later, his daughter is searching for answers.

This is a case where information is sparse at best, but there were still several notable discrepancies between sources. In an effort to clarify details about the case, I spoke with Leon’s daughter, Julie Wurtzbacher. This conversation took place over the phone in August of 2020. I’d contacted her for a podcast I work on, and she is actively trying to get more publicity for the case.
Here’s the Charley Project link if you just want a brief overview, but they got a few details wrong, mainly that his car was idling when it was found. http://charleyproject.org/case/leon-arthur-moncer
Leon Moncer was a complicated young man. In the investigation that ensued following his disappearance it would become public knowledge that he was an alcoholic, abusive towards his wife Irene and had had a tendency to be unfaithful with his romantic partners. Despite all of this, he was a well liked member of the community with many dedicated friends and many people had very kind words to say about him following his disappearance.
The city of Bellaire in Belmont County, is tucked into a bend in the Ohio River. It is a lush area covered in vegetation right on the edge of Ohio, fading into West Virginia. Wheeling, WV is the largest city in the area. There is evidence of a bygone golden age. Belmont county of the 1980s would have been firmly on the downslide of that golden age. The rise of Industries like the Junk trade in which Leon worked was indicative of the slow decay of the manufacturing and production industries which dominated in the past.
Leon Moncer worked for Hermon Strauss, a business in the Junk recycling industry. Leon also had aspirations of starting his own business and had recently purchased a tow truck of his own in the months leading up to his disappearance. In the Times Leader Article published on February 28th 1982, just ten days after his disappearance, Leon was described by his wife Irene as a helpful and caring man, “He’ll do anything for anybody.” His disappearance is also out of character for Leon, with Irene stating, “He’s got a lot of friends...Its just not like Leon, he's never done nothing like this before
In the leadup to his disappearance, Leon’s life was chaotic. He was on the tail end of a failed marriage as he was in the process of finalizing a divorce with his wife Irene. He was working a full time job and trying to start his own business on the side. He was trying to navigate a new world where he had to learn how to co-parent with Irene while no longer being in a relationship with her and on top of all of this he was still a young 21 year old man with lots of growing up to do and was dealing with a number of bad habits, namely drinking and drug use.
His wife is quoted as saying he “had a tendency to get rowdy” when drinking, which was further evidenced by the fact that he was recently involved in several bar fights. There was one tussle of particular note that had occurred several months prior as it took place at Tin Pan Alley, the known gathering spot of the notorious local mob in Wheeling. According to his wife Irene, Leon was mostly unfazed by these things. By all accounts it appears that he and Irene had worked out how to both be present in their daughter’s life even if they were no longer together. According to his daughter, him and Irene got along very well as co-parents. Though, they’d been separated long enough for Leon to move on romantically, and he had actually been seeing someone long enough to have proposed. We will refer to his fiance as GG. GG lived in nearby Bethlehem West Virginia.
While a rowdy 21 year old man getting into a handful of bar fights may seem normal, another event that happened during the week before his disappearance may cast his presence at Tin Pan Alley in a more interesting light. During the week leading up to his disappearance Leon received a death threat in the mail, compiled from a hodgepodge of newspaper and magazine clippings. It simply read "Leave it alone or you are dead." The letter had no stamp on it, so it had been put directly in the mailbox by whoever wrote it. Leon simply shrugged off the death threat. However it has also been reported by Irene that in the weeks and days leading up to his disappearance Leon had become more guarded, especially with regard to his three year old daughter Julie. He suddenly began to forbid anyone from taking pictures of the girl. He was very careful about who he would let hold her, and became somewhat overprotective. Could this pattern of violence culminating in a death threat note have something to do with his disappearance?
Leon Moncer was last seen on the night of February 18th 1982. It was his brother, Raymond’s birthday party, and Raymond said “ He couldn’t make it because he had a hot date.” Him and GG had been in a bit of a rough patch, as he’d hit her recently, and possibly broken her nose. Her brothers were upset with Leon, and whether or not he had made up with GG yet is unclear. His hot date was likely with a different woman, as no one at the time knew who he was meeting. To this day, who the date was with remains a mystery.
Irene told the Times Leader in an interview ten days later what she knew of Leon’s timeline that night. He’d left from his parents house across the street, then stopped by his boss’s house to borrow $20. Then he drove to his friend, Ted’s house in Wheeling. Irene did not know Ted’s last name. Multiple friends placed Leon at Ed’s Lounge in Lloydsville later on that evening, but none made any mention of Leon’s mystery date. The true concern for Leon began the next day Feb. 19th when he failed to show up for work, it was pay day at Herman Strauss Inc. Leon’s brother Ray said that his brother “never missed work unless he was sick.” Leon’s absence at work was enough for the family to file a report with the Belmont County Sheriff's Department that very day.
That very night that the case began to take a turn towards the bizarre. Irene would later tell the press about a strange phone call Leon’s mother, Shelby received. She was speaking on the telephone around 9 p.m. when the operator suddenly interrupted her conversation asking both parties to hang up because of an emergency phone call from Leon Moncer. His mother hung up the phone and sat waiting for a call from her lost son, which never came.
The next day, Irene and Raymond decided to take the search into their own hands. They drove around the Bannock area, as Leon had been known to cruise around the old mining roads. After searching for a while, they spotted Leon’s gray Dodge Aspen parked in a ditch off the side of the road. Irene told WTOV9 that “My heart like sunk. I mean, I was happy. I was really happy because I figured maybe he was in there sleeping or something like that, but he wasn't there.” The car was empty, along a road that branched from 331 near Belmont Technical college. Persons living in the area told Irene that the car had been sitting in that same location since Thursday night, the day Leon vanished. It was not near Powerline Park, as reported in other articles. The car had empty beer cans, and an empty bottle of wine.
According to Raymond, while they were examining the car, a local resident stopped and told them that the car had been idling, and the lights had been on, and he had turned the lights off and taken the key out before Irene got there, and he’d put the key in the ashtray. The key found in the ashtray however was a spare, and Leon’s usual keys were missing. There was also a flashlight missing from inside the car. Some articles report that the driver’s side door was open, though this is not mentioned in every article, and some articles mention that the inside of the car was muddy. Julie later remarked that the mud by itself was not suspicious, as it was February. In addition to the spare key, Leon’s wallet, his cigarettes and coat were all in the vehicle. Some sources reported signs of a struggle, which likely just alluded to his valuables being left behind, and the car being muddy. In 2007 local authorities would say the suspicious nature of the car indicated foul play.
Later in 2007 Sheriff Fred Thompson told the State Journal that it "Sounds like someone knew he was going to be out there on this road at a certain time, and they had a surprise for him." Moncer’s family notified authorities of the discovery right away, and tried to turn the car over to them. But according to Irene, they said “Keep it. Get it out of here.” They had the car towed to Leon’s parent’s house, where it would sit in the front yard for years. In later articles, local authorities mildly criticized this police work, saying that had the car been found today it would have been thoroughly examined.
On February 28th Irene told the Times Leader that she hoped Leon just needed time to “get his head together” because he was under stress due to the divorce, and the pressure of trying to start his own business. She told the paper “I just wish he’d call to ease everyone’s mind.”
While family members conducted searches for Leon following his disappearance, the sources do not mention any large scale effort on the part of law enforcement. As of the 28th Irene had visited several drinking establishments in Wheeling for possible clues to Leon’s disappearance. Three people told her that they saw Leon on February 20th in a Wheeling bar on Main Street. Irene reported being skeptical as to whether this individual was actually Leon. On March 5th Leon’s sister Cindy thought she saw Leon walking around town, but later said she wasn’t sure. The investigation on the part of law enforcement largely stopped after this sighting.
Soon after he vanished, Irene received a phone call from a stranger who asked her if she wanted to know where her husband was. She said that she did, and the caller replied “well his head's in a garbage bag in the river, his arms and legs are out in the strip pits." Any searches or follow-up to this phone call on the part of law enforcement were not documented if they occurred.
For months after Leon’s disappearance, Irene thought there was someone in a pick up truck following them. If she ever got the plates, or turned them over to law enforcement is unclear. To make matters worse, someone started lurking around outside her house. Irene said “This person would stand out in front of our house. He was in blue jeans and a black shirt with a hood on it and he would stand there. I thought it might be him [Leon]. Julie was everything to him. So was that him, wanting to see her, to know what she looked like? I don't know." During this time they moved about half a mile away from the house they’d lived in when Leon was there, but this mysterious figure knew their new address. However the move put them just past the jurisdiction of the authorities they’d been working with, and into the St Clairsville Police territory. Irene called the police every time this figure showed up, but St Clairesville was farther away, and police would take about half an hour to get there, so this person was always long gone by the time they showed up. This went on, sporadically, for two years.
There is a theory that perhaps Leon had been a victim of mob activity in Wheeling. The Mob was very active in Wheeling from the 60s through the late 80s. This theory mostly originates from the fact that Leon had some associations with a few shady individuals through his involvement with drugs. The mysterious note he received in the mail and his brawl at Tin Pan Alley only add fuel to this theory. But without further information, this remains just that, a theory.
Leon Moncer was declared legally dead on November 16th 1988 on what would have been his 28th birthday. Shelby struggled with that decision, but decided it was time for some kind of closure. Irene eventually moved on and remarried, but she always speaks fondly of Leon in interviews, and hopes to one day find answers.
In 1992 the Times Leader interviewed Leon’s family to discuss the ten year anniversary of his disappearance. Leon’s brother Raymond said “I believe he’s dead, I just wonder where he’s at and what happened”. At the time Raymond was still checking with the sheriff’s office every once in a while. He said the consensus seemed to be that someone knew what happened, but wasn’t coming forward. Donald Samples echoed this, saying “it could be that he doesn’t want to be found, but we haven’t ruled out foul play” and told the paper that he was still following up on leads, but no one had come forward with anything useful so far. Samples said “you can only take an investigation so far, and then you need help from the public.”
During that interview, Shelby Moncer, told the Times Leader “All I want to do is find out where he is before I die”. She kept Leon’s keys, cigarettes, and loose change that was found in the car, along with much of his old clothing. She passed away in 2010, and just like her husband, she never found the answers she was looking for about her son Leon.
Later in a 2015 interview with Weelunk, Julie remarked on her grandfather's struggle to find answers, saying “I also feel I need to do this for my grandfather because he tried and he tried, but he passed away without answers. When I was young, it wasn’t this hard. It was what it was, but the older I get, I feel like I am missing something,”. In that same article, when asked what she would do if she ever had the chance to meet him, she said “I’d probably be very mad at him if I ever met him. I’d be mad because my grandparents’ number is still the same as it was when he vanished. But I don’t exactly know what I will say to him when I meet him again, whether it’s here on Earth or in Heaven, if he goes there. I just want to know what happened, and why he didn’t come back. If I find out that he is dead, at this point I’m not concerned with who did it. I’d just want to know where he is so I can put him to rest next to my grandfather. If he’s dead, that’s where he belongs. That would be proper.”
2007 had been the year that, Moncer’s casefile was rediscovered after having been misplaced during some unknown time in the past. His file was found during an intensive search of an old storage building. His case was reopened and has periodically made the news. Much of the media coverage was pushed by Fred Connors, a reporter who worked with the Ohio Valley Cold Case Task Force. Because of this, a few of the rare articles available have the Ohio Valley Cold Case Task force email listed as the contact information, an email which no longer exists as of 2020.
During his push for media attention, Fred Connors made a general statement aimed at anyone who might have information about the case. He said “You know something about this case. "So man up! Help this young lady find her dad, or find out what happened to her dad. She needs that. Our mission has always been to give voice to the victims and justice to the families. And knowing Julie how I do and knowing how her heart is just broken, somebody needs to man up and give this girl some peace."
Sheriff Fred Thompson made a similar plea asking anyone with information to come forward, saying "They don't have to give us their name if they don't want to. Just call us in with what they know or what they think they know." The Sheriff would occasionally speak to the media to try and help get the word out. He told WTRF that “you know, it’s been 30 years. It’s time we put closure to this case for the sake of the family”. This same article touched base with Leon’s family once again, and mentioned that Leon’s sister, Hazel thinks her brother was murdered.
During the initial media buzz in 2007, Irene was more than eager to talk to the press. She still wants answers, and told the State Journal that "Not knowing is the hardest part. Even after all these years, you still want to know."
Ryan Aller, the detective who for a time was in charge of looking into tips relating to the case, said "Hope is a dangerous thing. And I would tell anybody in this situation that chances are he passed on long ago. We do believe he is dead. He was declared legally dead. Circumstances of him missing were extremely suspicious.” Aller went on to say “Somebody knows what happened to Leon Moncer -- maybe more than one person -- and I guarantee you that. What detectives need is for someone to come forward. At the very least, they could have the common courtesy to anonymously reach out and let somebody know where he is. His father went to his grave not knowing for sure if he was still alive or not.”
At one point after the case started gaining publicity, Julie spoke with a psychic near Columbus, who told her that her father was alive and had been keeping an eye on her. The psychic said that her father had changed his name to James Johnston, and shortly after putting her number on an article, Julie got a call from someone claiming to have that name. They told her she could call them if she needed anything, but didn’t claim to actually be Leon Moncer. When she tried calling the number back again it was no longer active.
In 2015 investigators followed a tip to nearby Columbus Ohio, where they ended up digging up a basement. Julie was not informed of this tip, or what came of it if anything. She found out about it when it was published in the WTOV9 article, that she would also be quoted in when interviewers asked her how she would feel if answers were ever found. She said "Either way, I'll be sad. If he's alive, I'll be sad that he left. And if something happened to him, I'll be sad that somebody took him from me." In this same article, Irene told reporters that she was still looking for answers. She said she wants to know who did it, and that her and Julie have a right to know.
That same year in an interview with Weelunk, Julie said “I think he’s out there. I don’t think he’s dead, but I can’t really explain to you why I have that feeling. That’s what it is – a feeling. I just want to know, one way or another. It didn’t really bother me when I was younger or when I was in school, but the older I get, the more I want to know.If he did something that got him in trouble, or if his hot date was just leaving, that’s something I want to know, one way or the other. I don’t know what he was doing. And I know that he was hanging around in a lot of the bars during those days, and some of my relatives have told me that he did do drugs. My aunt told me that his nickname was the ‘Candyman,’ and that it was a reference to the drugs he was dealing.”
In 2020 she told us that an uncle had tried to tell her that the nickname was just because Leon liked sweets, but she’s responded by saying that she’s an adult and she’s old enough to know the truth. She has no illusions about the fact that he did drugs, or the fact that he could get violent when he was using. She goes back and forth on what she believes, but right now is leaning toward the idea that he was in over his head, possibly involved with some dangerous people, and decided to disappear. She said it would have been easier to do back then.
These days Julie is in her forties with a family and child of her own. She thinks about her father often, but isn’t sure what else to do to garner publicity. In the Weelunk article she said “I am very frustrated, but I’ll only stop when I’m dead. That’s when this will stop for me. I just keep thinking that if I keep pushing, someone will eventually feel guilty enough to come forward and tell me what I want to know … what I need to know.”
It’s certainly not a case that would normally be front page news. When a loved one goes missing nowadays, people will try to hide the less flattering parts of the missing person’s life, because even the slightest hint of trouble will destroy any press interest in the story. The homeless population, sex workers, and criminals do not get reported on. With Leon Moncer we already know about the less flattering parts of his life. Moncer sold drugs, and was unfaithful and abusive towards his romantic partners. In the fairly limited media attention this case has gotten so far, a few commenters have not been afraid to voice a sort of ‘good riddance’ opinion about him. But whatever you think about Leon Moncer, his family wants to know the truth.
I don’t think I can link to facebook but Julie runs a page called “helpfindleonmoncer” where she recently posted all of the Times Leader articles about the case. The WTOV9 segment I referenced is only archived on facebook as well, but if you search it, it’s easy to find.
submitted by TopGolfUFO to UnresolvedMysteries [link] [comments]

2020.08.24 13:42 TessaBissolli A close examination of the story. Part 47: The Hargraves

In this series we have been examining three kinds of elements: the apparent narrative that crumbles upon examination, the connecting elements that subtly create a cohesive narrative (geographical clusters, symbols, repeated elements, themes, and stories (to come soon) ) and the emerging narrative.
Throughout this series, the invaluable help of u/jen5225 has been instrumental.
We have examined the main mythology characters: Red, Liz, Katarina, Dom, Carla, Jennifer, Ilya, Kate, Fitch, Fakerina, Constantin & Garvey, We now turn to the Hargraves: Christopher Hargrave AKA Tom Keen, his mother, Susan Scott Hargrave AKA Scottie, and his father, Howard Hargrave.

Howard Hargrave

We have very sketchy details about Howard Hargrave life. Red tells Tom a few details:
TOM: You knew my father.
RED: I had a brief professional relationship with your father, a man who wrestled with significant demons.
Having a brief professional relationship with someone does not preclude having another personal one. What Red and Scottie discuss does not seem in alignment with that:
SCOTTIE: Howard would be so happy to see you. He still tells that story at dinner parties about the night you two were jumped in Kuala Lumpur. Each time I hear it, there are five more machetes you two had to fight off.
RED: My fondness for your husband holds no currency here.
RED: I remember a time when your husband never would have taken a job from a man like Alexander Kirk, if only out of respect for his friends.
When Red is speaking with Scottie, it is clear he and Howard are friends, he is fond of Howard. He tells Tom he had a brief professional relationship with Howard. So, while he may not be lying to Tom, he is certainly not telling him the entire truth either.
We do not know if what Howard tells Tom about his childhood in Warsaw is true.
I believe in America. I still see it as that shining city on a hill that people all around the world look to as a land of hope and opportunity. I know I did as a boy in Warsaw during the Cold War.
if so, we know it is likely his real name is not Howard Hargrave.
Howard is a IT guy, and the one who designed the use of the abandoned Artax Network.
if I'm right, it's the Artax Network.... It's an old telecom project to provide data coverage to every corner of the Earth through a network of 73 satellites. Anyway, the company went bankrupt and the project was abandoned. But the 73 satellites are still out there.... Here we go. They have control of the Artax satellite network.
He faked his death, and then also used a trick to get Tom to spy on Scottie: that she was a double, not his real mother:
Two months after your disappearance, your mother was in a terrible car accident. Some thought she was trying to end her life, that the pain of losing you was too much. She was in the hospital for four months. After that, she was never the same. I noticed the differences, but I assumed it was because no one is ever the same after the loss of a child. It was only years later that I began to suspect that there was something more to it. And when your mother learned of my suspicions, she tried to have me killed....
I'm not talking about who she's working with. I'm talking about her. I wasn't gonna tell you this until after it was confirmed. But I believe that Scottie Hargrave is a sleeper agent.... That program, the doubles, the town, the people who ran it I believe that 30 years ago, they murdered your mother.
of course that is balderdash, we see it when Scottie had given orders to kill Tom, unaware he is her son:
He told me how comfortable you feel around him, and that you couldn't put your finger on why. Well, this is why, Scottie. He's our boy.
And I will tell you how I found him, where he's been. I'll tell you everything after you call off the hit. You know what I'm saying is true. I-I don't have proof. I can't show you his DNA, but you know it.
Our son is alive. So make the call, Scottie. You and I can go on hating each other and lying to each other and hurting each other after. But right now, at this moment, dear God let us get past our problems and save the only decent person in our family.
Both Red and Howard seemed to have been on the same page about not telling Scottie who Tom was:
Howard, like Red and Scottie, is a manipulator. In Redemption Tom asks Scottie what was Howard like:
Brilliant. Playful. Charming. Terrible flirt. Like a lion, always preening. Damn if that man didn't know how to wear a tuxedo. How to open a door, tell a joke, be a gentleman. But in the last few years, all that, um it was as if the color in him faded, like a a photo left out in the rain.
And she sounded sincere in his eulogy
SCOTTIE: Howard was my inspiration, my partner, my friend. Standing next to him, you felt like no matter what the day brought, nothing was gonna touch you.
one thing Scottie says of Howard, that he knew how to wear a tuxedo reminds me of what Madeline tells Red:

In many ways, Howard and Red have many elements in common, including a penchant for difficult and badly tempered women, a manipulative nature as well, and a brilliant mind. And certainly they both remind me of what Red himself says about the Major recruits:
The Major runs a finishing school of sorts The most reputable of its kind. He recruits wayward children, orphans, delinquents, outcasts, but only boys and girls of superior intelligence who exhibit very specific sociopathic tendencies. He then cultivates them into charming, well-educated, cultured, attractive adults who are capable of dangerous and horrible things.

Susan Scott Hargrave AKA Scottie

Tom's mother is described by Red as:
A brilliant strategist, a manipulative creature, untrustworthy, ruthless, and someone Red does not like.
Scottie also suffers from intense anxiety, a product of losing her son:
Years ago, I-I suffered an unspeakable loss. And since then, I've been crippled by free-floating anxieties that attach to pretty much anything. Some days I-I can't even get out of bed.
But something two years earlier increased her anxiety level:
I haven't slept through the night in two years. 4:00 a.m., I'm up doing Sudoku.
that sets her anxiety overdrive to 2014/2015 more or less. She carries around a necklace her son had bought at a market in Ocean City,
Found that necklace in a trinket shop during a trip to Ocean City.
and uses tongue twisters to calm herself down:
Rubber baby buggy bumpers.
Scottie shares a middle name with Liz, Scott and she curiously declines to kill Red, which was part of the job Constantin wanted her to do:
When Kirk hired us to abduct Masha, he also wanted me to kill you. Sorry I didn't take that job.
Which is curious. Red seems to be off limits, until is her survival. What is quite interesting is that Constantin Rostov AKA Alexander Kirk chose her, of all contractors, to kidnap Liz.
What is even more curious is WHY she took the job:
Listen, Red I regret what happened to Elizabeth Keen. But her kidnapping was simply a business decision. You of all people should recognize that. We all do what we have to in order to survive. I know Howard and I do.

she took the job as a matter of survival. Since they are wealthy, is not about money. So, it is about information either Rostov has and she wants, or blackmail, information she does not want Rostov to divulge, and it seems the secret she was keeping then, links to something Constantin would know, and Scottie is desperate does not come out, even to Howard:
Howard didn't take that job.
And then there is the most important piece of information we have about her. How Red makes a direct connection between them: "people like us."
SCOTTIE: We all do what we have to in order to survive. I know Howard and I do.
RED: Survival is all relative. There are limits, even for people like us. Especially for people like us.
For Red, Scottie is someone like him. Since Scottie is not a fugitive criminal, then what is "people like us?" Are they related? In the same business? Private intelligence? Both covert agents? In the same extended family? On the same side?
But what we have is a connection from Scottie Hargrave to Constantin Rostov. One of many all going back to Katarina.
A connection in the middle name she shares with Liz: Elizabeth SCOTT Keen and Susan SCOTT Hargrave. A middle name that could be Susan's maiden name, and for Liz, could be her mother's maiden name. A last connection to the woman who raised her for 4 years before having to give her up to keep her safe?
A connection in her appearance, especially in connection to the photo that Lena AKA Virginia Lopatin had told her husband Ted was of a estranged daughter. Ressler assumed it was Katarina, but was it? Dark haired, and dark eyed with a dark haired baby and wearing a ring in her index finger.
But there is more in that picture connecting Scottie and Katarina. There are other interesting connections between Scottie, in the New York cluster of people, and Katarina.
Scottie, on the other hand, has a photo of a woman with dark hair and eyes (like herself) blowing bubbles with a girl in a brown dress, on a wall in her home. Red sits against this wall when they talk about getting to Kirk, so we have a long time to look at it:
But the connections do not end there. In the trunk where Dom keeps the mementos of Katarina's childhood, toys dating from the 1960s and 70s, and drawings, there is a drawing picturing three figures, all dark haired. What seems like a man with two girls.
among the mementos of Katarina's childhood
We still have more connections, in the form of rings worn on the index finger. Three characters have been seen wearing rings on the index finger: the woman in the swing photo (Liz's mother), Lena's estranged daughter, and Scottie.
Is is possible that Scottie is a relative of Katarina? A real link to Katarina's real identity? To Dom's real identity? Is that drawing Dom keeps of two daughters he had? Was he estranged from another child? Excommunicated her? Or was the child Lena's but not Dom's biological child?
It certainly makes this comments by Red all the more interesting:
Dom.... You still have family.
Dom, you've always had a good reason to walk out the door.
clearly it was not about Katarina, whom he cannot see, and certainly not about Liz or Agnes. The tense of "always had" does not speak to a newborn child, that he cannot see. Those lines seem to refer to someone who Dom could see, not someone he cannot. Not Katarina, not Liz, not Agnes. Perhaps the mother of his child, married to Ted King? Or perhaps another child, estranged from him as well as from Lena?

Halcyon Aegis

Halcyon: happy, golden, idyllic, carefree, blissful, joyful, joyous, contented; flourishing, thriving, prosperous, successful; serene, calm, tranquil, peaceful.
Aegis: protection, backing, support, patronage, sponsorship, charge, care, guidance, control, guardianship, trusteeship, agency, safeguarding, shelter, umbrella, aid, assistance; auspices.
Their company is called Halcyon Aegis, and is described by Red as a military intelligence outfit:
COOPER: Halcyon provides security services.
ARAM: According to their website, yes. But Mr. Reddington says they are a private military-intelligence agency who specializes in operations too sophisticated or politically incorrect for anyone else.
Howard describes their company as: a global intelligence gathering operation.
Their building in NYC is not their only asset. They also have a tactical training center: somewhere in a wooded area, and what they do is described by Solomon as :
You're 150 feet below the largest privately owned tactical training center in the country, complete with R&D labs, ship-boarding simulators, and two airfields.
We do threat assessment, port security, and diplomatic training, and those are just the services that the public knows about the black-and-white divisions.
Then there's Grey Matters. Grey Matters handles the cases that are legally questionable, yet morally justifiable.
they control the Artax Nework, which gives them huge capabilities of surveillance.

Christopher Hargrave AKA Tom Keen AKA Jacob Phelps

According to this in Redemption:
Your name is Christopher Hargrave. In 1988, you vanished from the Ocean City beach home your parents were renting. You were raised by Frank and Eva Phelps. Ran away at 12, taken in by the Major at 14
Tom was born in 1984.
even though when he died in 2017, his tombstone lists him as Tom Keen, born in 1985
disappeared just shy on his 4th birthday, from Ocean City (unclear if it is the one in Maryland or the one in New Jersey).
Christopher Hargrave went missing when he was only 3 years old.
All that really matters is that you vanished off the face of the earth nearly 30 years ago. And yet, here you are. Leave the past in the past, Tom. Nothing good will come from digging up secrets.
He appears in Chicago, as the foster child of Frank and Eva Phelps, renamed Jacob Phelps.
Runs away at 12, thus, 1996/97 and is taken by the Major at 14 years old, 1998/99.
His fake brother, Christopher Maly thought Tom had a brother in Chicago. Likely a foster brother.
I don't know his real name. He's got a brother in Chicago.
We know Tom had issues, and the Major tells us he is not surprised Tom did not steal more, considering his situation:
You stole the purse, Jacob. Like the credit cards and the Pontiac.... I'm surprised you haven't stolen more, considering the situation with your foster home.
Tom had stolen credit cards and a car and drove from Chicago to New York. Like he had a vague feeling he belonged there.
In 1998/99 The Major picks him up. He literally tells him he can leave that life behind. It is likely that even if the Major called him Jacob, Tom acquired a different identity, and basically Jacob Phelps disappeared AGAIN:
We believe that your delinquent inclinations are exactly what makes you invaluable. It takes a certain kind of courage.... I told you, we have an opportunity, if you're willing to take it. If you're smart enough to take it. It's your choice, Jacob. You can get out and go back to the life you've always known, or you can take a ride with me, and I can tell you how to leave this life behind. I can help you become anything.
From there on, it seems that while Gina and The Major call him Jacob, he seems to be known to the world as Tom Keen. Like Gina was Shubie Hartwell.
Tom becomes a covert operative.
Certainly the CIA hires him in 2012 to go find a rogue agent, Leland Bray, under the name Tom Keen:
TOM: [Bray] has abducted and killed over a dozen covert operatives. And Bray has made a fortune targeting assets like Copeland, stripping them down, and selling what they know to foreign intelligence agencies or terrorist organizations.... I actually met Copeland working in Rabat in 2012. We were contracted to help bring Bray out, but we failed.

The abduction

The event that seems to define Scottie and Howard's lives is the mysterious kidnapping of young Christopher. The facts are apparently simple as Howard tells Tom in Redemption:
You need to listen to me.... On top of the phone next to you is a book. Inside is a photo.
Your name is Christopher Hargrave.
In 1988, you vanished from the Ocean City beach home your parents were renting.
You were raised by Frank and Eva Phelps.
Ran away at 12, taken in by the Major at 14.
We get basically the same story that Howard relates, as Scottie tells Tom, not knowing who he is:
My perfect baby boy. He loved the water. Found that necklace in a trinket shop during a trip to Ocean City.
We had rented a house that summer, spent the whole week on the beach building sand castles with drawbridges and moats.
That night, Howard and I had a big fight. Too much to drink.
Next morning, Christopher was gone. The police searched everywhere, but nothing. He was just gone. Like his castle.
It's been 28 years, and not a day goes by where I don't walk into a room hoping, praying he'll be there.
They had a fight. Howard had left, and Scottie was alone with Christopher, who was gone in the morning, as Scottie tells Tom in Redemption after she learns he is her son:
This is how I'll always remember Christopher laughing, brushing sand off his knees. We'd spent all day at the beach.
That night, Howard and I fought and I went to bed alone. When I woke up, I I knew something wasn't right. I walked down the hallway to Christopher's room, and he was gone. There wasn't a sound. He didn't cry.
I just knew. It's a blood bond that never ends, a a closeness that can't be explained. It's how I felt about you, even when I didn't know why. But now I do.
You knew I've been looking, that finding my son was everything. You saw my pain and anguish and you said nothing? Here you are my boy, my long-lost son. You're finally here. And you broke my heart.
We hear a bit more about that in Redemption:
SCOTTIE: Howard was my inspiration, my partner, my friend. Standing next to him, you felt like no matter what the day brought, nothing was gonna touch you.
You've been told we lost our son. He was on the beach one moment and gone the next. Well, that's not true. We didn't lose Christopher. I did. He was with me when it happened.
And when I told Howard he held me, told me he loved me. Howard never blamed me. And he never gave up hope we'd find our son....
Tom investigates the disappearance, finds the detective who worked the case, and learns of the confession of a convicted killer. Tom puts is succinctly: "why somebody wanted the world to believe I was dead."
I didn't really care what Richard Game had to tell me until I find out he (his father) was dead, and now it's all I want to know. Who my father was, who I was, why somebody wanted the world to believe I was dead.
Sometime later, after Richard Game, a convicted killer in the area was already in jail, Mrs. Game, his mother, received a letter with $50,000 and the promise of another $50,000 if Richard confessed to killing Tom.
Letter come special delivery. Return address was a PO box in New York. $100,000 if Richard said he did something he didn't.... I got a script. It-- What Richard was supposed to say
Mrs. Game accepted 100K to get her son to admit to a murder he did not commit.
The letter came from a P.O. Box in New York. Not specified if that was in NYC or NY state. It also contained details of the house, and the pajamas, the location of a block of knives that indicate that the person who engineered this had knowledge that, given the confession was a fake, could have only come from her parents or someone in their family.
TOM: She was paid $100,000 to convince her son to confess. She admitted it.
LIZ: That's great. Who paid her?
TOM: She doesn't know.
LIZ: How is that possible?
TOM: She was paid in cash. Half came in the script, and half came after Game was convicted.
LIZ: A script?
TOM: It has every detail. The color of the beach house, the, uh, tear in the screen door, the knife block where the murder weapon was found.
LIZ: The pajamas you were wearing.
TOM: Yeah. The night light in the hall.
The immediate effect of this fake confession was to stop the official investigation. We do not know when was this done, but it seems it would have been a few years after the fact.
The location of the PO Box certainly points to the NY cluster of characters. Dom, Lena, Scottie, Howard.
But who was responsible for stopping the investigation with a fake confession?
see the entire series:
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2020.08.23 19:06 Curmudgy Lighter fare and F&SF erotica

I don’t know how much interest there is in erotica or just plain sexy stories, but here goes.
My husband and I care currently listening to T. J. Klune’s The Lightning-Struck Heart. I don’t know how well the humor carries over to text versions, but the reader does a great job. It’s hilarious. The protagonist, Sam, is an apprentice wizard from a lower class family destined to become the royal adviser, while being in love or maybe just infatuated with the Crown Prince’s fiancé (one “e” meaning the male betrothed). The Crown Prince is not amused, but the listeners certainly are. We haven’t hit any explicit sex scenes yet, but there are plenty of references to sex and wanking and such. Sam’s best friends are Gary, a hornless gay unicorn (and bitchy queen cliché) and Tiggy, the dim but loyal half-giant.
Another series I’ve listened to, overtly erotica, is the THIRDS series by Charlie Cochet (yes, another woman writing gay male romances). In this world there’s a class of people who are shape shifters, into animal form. So right away you know it’s the human detective falling in love with his big cat-human partner. But in between the occasional explicit sex scene, there’s actually some reasonable detective mystery storytelling. Perhaps not Raymond Chandler or Agatha Christie quality, but I enjoy it for the mystery, while the unusual gay romances keeps my gonads hooked into buying the whole audiobook series. The whole shape-shifter aspect of this alternate Earth, while not hugely rich, is surprisingly well-developed for what might easily been pigeonholed as schlock pulp erotica. It would never satisfy the urge for serious fantasy or SF, but as an SF based gay erotica series, it does well.
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2020.08.20 09:15 Cicero1982 Your Pre-Market Brief for 08/20/2020

Your Pre Market Brief for Thursday August 20th 2020

You can subscribe to the daily 4:00 AM Pre Market Brief on The Twitter Link Here . Alerts in the tweets will direct you to the daily 4:00 AM Pre Market Brief in this sub.
Morning Research and Trading Prep Tool Kit
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Tuesday 08/19/2020 News and Markets Recap:
Thursday August 20th 2020 Economic Calendar (All times are Eastern)
News Heading into Thursday August 20th 2020
Note: Seeking A url's and Reddit do not get along.
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Morning Research and Trading Prep Tool Kit
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The Ultimate Quick Resource For the Amateur Trader.
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It is up to you to judge the accuracy and veracity of these headlines before trading.
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2020.08.18 14:31 TessaBissolli A close examination of the story. Part 43. What's up with the hair of the young girl, supposedly Liz?

In this series we have been looking at the apparent narrative and how it crumbles under scrutiny. We started looking at the night of the fire, first through the arguments, and we concluded there were two set of arguments.
Two likely between RR and Katarina, and three segments that seem to belong in a hostile situation, seemingly to rescue Liz who had been taken hostage by the Tall Man, apparently the same night she was out buying a tree with a woman heard saying "catch me".
We also saw two locations. One a lived in home, with a pink room, toys, etc, and another one that seems empty. There were two hidden images suggesting a hostile situation.`
In the previous parts, we started looking at the scenes that actually figure fire. Some scenes are repeated more than once, which gives us the clue that Liz's memories are somewhat jumbled, which would be normal as traumatic childhood memories can become so, even without the help of our friend Dr. Krilov.
We found some repeated scenes, the little Girl by the door with her toy rabbit and the man outside face down in the sand, snow or cement, with flames in the foreground.
But when we star to look at all the scenes where the young girl is by the door clutching her toy rabbit, what we see is startling:
Could the hair department have messed up?
Is this a bad hair and makeup department? Carelessness? Could they not take a picture to recreate the hair the same way, not find the same wig? Especially considering that when we get to the 2.22 memories, young Liz's hair looks like the young actress's natural hair. Wavy light brown hair. Forget the different actresses, which are unavoidable in a series. Focus on the hair.
u/jen5225, my partner in crime and invaluable collaborator, made recently a post about memory, based on a few quotes. The unreliability of a small child's memories,
and the nature of memories:
People think memory works like a video recorder... The mind records events and then, on cue, plays back an exact replica. In truth, memories are reconstructed... more like putting together an ever-changing jigsaw puzzle than replaying a video.
So, I started thinking about the hair situation. This being a series, not a movie, and child actors growing up makes a necessity of different actors playing young characters over time. That is unavoidable. But what about hair?
We have the way Kate remembers Liz as she is brought over by Katarina supposedly after the fire. In her memories young Liz's hair is straight and to the shoulders. It might be factual, or not, but one thing it is NOT is curly.
Kate's memories in Requiem
In Kate's memories we also have the scene when she finds Katarina in the car with the man. Liz is in a stroller, and her hair is different. In the DVD there is an unused scene (also from Requiem) in which Liz is saying goodbye to Constantin who is leaving for a long trip to South Africa, and he cannot find Katarina.
The woods scene must follow this scene as the costumes are the same, and in that scene is much easier to see Liz hair at about 3 years old, circa 1988/89. It is longer, wavier and lighter.
Liz as she looks in late 1988/89 according to Kate's memories
Children's hair changes a lot, especially light brown hair which gets bleached by the sun and the sea. Light brown hair does go lighter if exposed to the sun, like after a Summer at the beach. Katarina did have specific instructions for Kate about how to care and dress Liz:
During my absences, I will expect you to provide a continuity of care. The way I dress her, hold her, change her, bathe her.
Did this also applied to the way Liz's hair was kept? Was her hair always to be kept straight for a reason?
What it seems, though, is that about the same age (3 years old), Liz's and Bubble Girl's hair look very similar:
Whatever it was, it is again Kate's memories which might be correct or she might deviated a lot from what was real.
What is interesting is that when Liz remembers the actual shooting, she remembers her hair being longer and wavy, but not curly and short. Again, this could be Liz's memories, the way she remembered her own hair at the time, and the way Kate remembered that traumatic moment.
Liz as she remembered in 2.22, after shooting Connolly.
And in memories of earlier in 1990, specifically in April of 1990 because Katarina is divesting herself of her March bracelet, and burying in a can in the ground, in one of Liz's memories, 4 year old Liz has hair that looks just like that: longer, wavy, but not curly.
Liz circa early April 1990
But what is going on in December in 1990? Why is Liz's hair is all over the place? Short and straight in Kate's memories, long and wavy when Liz remembers the shooting in 2.22, both curly and wavy in her memories of 2.10?
It is is understandable that Kate's memories are not precise. She remembers Liz's hair the way it used to look, like one remembering someone's own hair one way, then seeing a picture, and realizing the memories were not quite that reliable. It is possible that Liz remembers her own hair different than it actually was.
BUT why on earth would Liz remember herself within the same event with hair that looks different? When I carefully looked at the images, which seemed to be identical, they were not. In some of the scenes, the young girl's hair is definitely curlier, and in others is wavier.
It goes beyond those memories. In the comics Liz hair looks more like the way Kate remembers it,
One thing we learned when Liz was on the run, she dyed her hair blond, but she also seemed to wear it with its natural texture, as she had done some other times, and that is wavy.
So, Kate may be remembering Liz's hair as being shorter than it was, or it might be accurate, but still that does not explain why Liz, in the same recall of 2.10 remembers the girl, supposedly herself with vastly different hair, more so when we add the clear recall of 2.22 when she remembers the shooting.
So, is it possible that Liz is confused, thinking she is the girl when there is another girl, in an identical nightgown? That those times adult Liz is talking with her younger self, she is in fact re-enacting a conversation with another child?
A girl that is close in age, like Jennifer? And that the night of the fire, that lived-in house was the Reddingtons's? We know Jennifer and Liz spent time together, as we saw when Jennifer remarked Liz remembered, when Liz said about the beach house
LIZ: 20 steps to the sand
JENNIFER: You remember
if this is what is going on, that Jennifer was also there, it makes a lot of sense of some of the dialogue. For example, when they are in the tree lot:
Little Girl: - Come on!
Liz: Wait!
Little Girl: Come on!
Liz: Lizzy.
Little Girl: Come on.Come on!
Little Girl: Wh-where'd he go? Liz: Where'd he go?
Liz: I don't know
Little Girl: Up here! Here!
or in this exchange:
Liz: What are they fighting about?
Little Girl: It's a secret.
Liz: Who's Masha?
Little Girl: You are.
or this part:
Little Girl: Don't go out there. You can't go out there.
Little Girl: No! No! Don't! Daddy said not to come out!
is it possible in Liz's memories, which have been manipulated, deleted, she also had the memories of her sister removed. So she thinks the girl is her, when she is remembering both of them in the closet, at least in some segments?
two girls, of the same age, who might look similar enough, and dressed identically?
And explain this frame from the comic, in which Liz says she looks at herself in a mirror and does not recognize herself? Because she is not looking in a mirror, she is looking at Jennifer?
The implication of this idea are far reaching. Because if Liz is confused, and Jennifer was in at least some of those scenes, it means that RR brought Liz to his wife and child. It means that in that tree lot, that might be Liz AND Jennifer dressed identically playing with Carla Reddington. And that the night of the fire in the first part, Katarina had come to their house looking for Liz. It also brings a bit of clarity to that dream had in season 2:
DREAM TOM: Has he told you? Has he told you anything about that night, about the fire? You need to ask him, Liz, for the truth about why he turned himself in to the FBI. No. It's not what you think. ... Go ahead and ask him, Liz.... Make him answer. You deserve to know the truth. Your father, Naomi Hyland. Red doesn't want you to know that that night, the night of the fire
see the entire series:
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2020.08.14 23:42 bikedena Pasadena BLM Night Ride RESCHEDULED to Sat 8/22 (7pm)

Due to poor air quality from the wildfire and Pasadena City Council punting further consideration of police reform until their Monday 8/24 meeting, the ride has been RESCHEDULED to Saturday August 22nd. More details below.
The Pasadena Complete Streets Coalition, NAACP, NDLON, and CICOPP invite you to a Evening Ride for BLM: Demand Police Oversight in Pasadena. At each stop we will commemorate a person whose interactions with the Pasadena Police resulted in injury or death. Christopher Ballew, Kendrec McDade, Reginald Thomas, and Margarita Perez were injured or killed by the Pasadena Police. We demand true community safety through the adoption of a Community Bill of Rights. The route is 10 miles with some gradual hills and four stops. We will roll slowly but please be self-sufficient if you need to fix a flat or return to the start on your own. We recommend partnering with a friend if you're concerned. The last stop before returning to the ride start will be the Pasadena City Hall, Garfield steps. All riders must wear a mask - one will be provided if you need it. We encourage riders to have white front lights and red rear lights or reflectors on their bikes. Please bring a candle.
When: Saturday, August 22nd at 7:00pm
Ride Start: First AME Church, 1700 N. Raymond Ave, Pasadena STREET PARKING ONLY
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2020.08.14 21:08 SanitysLastRefuge Purple Redux – Cash is King Part II – Carnage of the Robinhood Trader Clouding a Great Quarter

As I got a comment snarkily saying “good call” from u/should_have_RAN in response to my post on Purple on 6/29 (at the time PRPL was trading at $18 - current price now is $21-$22), I thought it would make sense to provide an update on the results.
The original post: https://www.reddit.com/investing/comments/hi3m1y/prpl_cash_is_king_significant_upside/
Note in the original thread I had estimated EBITDA to come in at around $35-$40MM to base my assumption on upside to a $35-$40 share price. Purple released earnings yesterday and reported an adjusted EBITDA of $35.2MM despite sales being lighter than what I thought and an implied adjusted, diluted EPS of about $0.57 / share. On the heels of that, Wall Street firms have upgraded their price targets: KeyBanc ($22->$26), Raymond James ($19->$28), B. Riley ($23->$26). You will note that from the prior post, this EBITDA level is supportive of a $2-$2.5B TEV assuming a $140-$150M annualized EBITDA figure and $2-2.50 of annualized EPS (mid teens TEV EBITDA multiple and a 15-20x PE ratio, in line or lower than peers despite the growth and margin story).
For those following the story, the shares are trading ~10% lower today following the news release. Well, gee, if everyone’s raising their estimates and people congratulated them on a great quarter in the call, why the hell is it trading lower? In my view, this is driven by a few things: 1) revenue came in lighter than estimates 2) people are not understanding the earnings story due to nuanced GAAP accounting and 3) they did not provide any guidance or perspective on 2H outlook, which is creating uncertainty. I will take each of these in pieces and follow up with some other observations from the release and the call that should further support the upside case.
1) Revenue was lower at $165M vs. the $175M consensus estimate. What happened here was that estimates increased on the heels of commentary PRPL released on orders data for DTC and wholesale. As I indicated in my earlier post, you can’t assume this is pure revenue as there is a revenue recognition delay between order and booked sale. Sure enough, this is what happened even though orders trends maintained momentum through the full quarter. There was a substantial runup in the share price over the last two weeks, including a crowd from WSB and Robinhood, who were banking on a blowout due to not understanding this difference. On the earnings CC, mgmt cited a backlog going into July that has now been filled, all the while, there still is a one week day lead time on DTC orders and wholesale orders are continuing to grow month over month with all 1800 partner stores now open. Net net, this means that the demand picture is still as good if not better than advertised and Q3 will have the benefit of 1) backlog from Q2, which could be upwards of $10-$20MM (Q2 implied orders were close to $230MM, less the $165MM of booked sales, less 10% reserve for warranties and cancellations, less wholesale orders which will always carry a backlog). I would also note that Q2 included the month of April, which was peak COVID. Monthly runrate revenues exiting Q2 were likely around $70-$80MM, implying a $200-$250MM quarterly runrate. Per mgmt on the earnings call, they are shipping every mattress they can make and are working fast to expand production in Georgia. Q3 could likely end up between $210-$270MM of revenue assuming they maintain the Q2 runrate and have shipped the backlog, which they said they did by the end of July. Note that the top end of this revenue range is likely difficult to execute with current capacity.
2) The company reported negative EPS of ($0.11) a share as a headline number. The problem with this figure is that it includes a couple of major non-cash expenses: the first is the warrant expense. PRPL has 14MM warrants with a strike price of $11.50. From an accounting perspective, when the value of the shares increase, the warrants then require you to increase the liability on the balance sheet as they have become more valuable and are viewed from an accounting perspective as a liability to the company (this is very similar to non-cash expense related to stock options – the warrants are dilutive, but that is already a fixed, known quantity). Secondly, the company had changes in its Tax Receivable Agreement which compensates the prior sellers for the tax basis they contribute to the company by converting their shares to from founder shares to common stock. Note that this has no economic impact to the business. These were the two major expenses contributing the gap between what was a GAAP $(0.11) EPS to a positive $0.57 EPS. Put differently, excluding the non cash charges that don’t matter, EPS is really $0.57 in one quarter, and in a quarter that included the impacts of COVID in April. Adjusted EBITDA was reported at $35.2MM which is the best proxy for apples to apples cash flow and how businesses are valued. This is why the company’s cash increased from $26MM to nearly $100MM in three months even though GAAP earnings were negative. Cash is King.
3) The company provided no guidance for the rest of 2020. Usually this is a sign of uncertainty and an unclear demand outlook – the market does not like this. When you sift through the conference call, you will appreciate that on the contrary, demand up through the date of the call has remained as robust and if not more so than what was the case in Q2. Note that we are 50% through Q3 already. Mgmt mentioned on the call accelerating and investing in its Georgia facility and ramping up SG&A expenses and hires. The logical question would be why do this if you think your demand will be weak or uncertain for the next 3-6 months. Mgmt mentioned on the call that there is still one week lead times on DTC orders (meaning there’s not enough inventory to ship next day), that competitors are struggling to source spring coils for mattresses due to shortages, and that DTC channel remains strong while wholesale is increasing relative to Q2. Take all these together and this provides support that Q3 will match the runrate of Q2 (the $200-$250M I mentioned before with June monthly sales around $70-$80MM based on the runrate orders adjusted for returns, etc). Separately, they mentioned that they have capped retail stores at 1,800 due to capacity constraints (meaning demand is more than they can meet at this time).
Assuming a $225-250MM revenue quarter, this means they will likely hit $40-$50MM of EBITDA in Q3 assuming gross margins of 45-50% (compared to 49% in Q2) and SG&A % in line with Q2. This would translate into EPS (excluding warrants and non-cash) approaching $0.65-0.85 / share, so nearly 1.20-1.40 in just two quarters. Let that sink in a bit. The performance still supports a much higher share price with TPX at a 23x PE ratio and 14x EBITDA multiple and lower growth. That’s how you get to a $35-$40 share price or greater.
Note that $250MM hits and exceeds the upper limit of their traditional capacity, though DTC has allowed them to drive a higher $/unit expanding how much they can sell per manufacturing line. There is a risk that capacity constraints keep the quarterly revenue to the lower end of this range.
A few other observations from the quarter that may have been missed: 1) the company has increased pricing during COVID with no demand drop off 2) wholesale is now growing in line or above PY despite retail traffic being lower 3) DTC demand holding firm and thus showing it is sustainable (the company is managing to capacity that is now growing by holding off on promotions) 4) gross margins and operating margins drastically increased due to fixed cost leverage (and some COVID cost containment) – “the story we’ve had on demand outpacing our ability to manufacture continues to be more true than ever” per the CC transcript
Resources for DD:
CapIQ for information on analyst targets
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Jeff Goldblum and Tania Raymonde - Partners, Partnership

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  3. Lost ... and their real life partners - YouTube
  4. Dis-moi qu'un jour_Alain Morisod & Sweet People ♥ - YouTube
  5. STGeorgTV - YouTube
  6. Tania Raymonde: The Jodi Arias Trial ‘Unfolding In Real Time’ While Filming Lifetime Movie Was A ‘Tr
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ST.GEORG, ihr Magazin für Pferdesport, Pferdezucht und Pferdekauf. Reiten, Springen, Dressur, Vielseitigkeit, Tiermedizin, Ausbildungstipps, Hengste, Stuten ... Who is Jorge Garcia Dating? Who is Jorge Garcia's girlfriend? Who is Jorge Garcia's wife? Is Jorge Garcia single? Who is Jorge Garcia married to? Who is Josh... Hey everyone! Unfortunately, our original video got deleted accidentally, so we have to repost it after reaching almost 255,000 views! We appreciate all l th... Raymonde Moineau; Videos; Playlists; Channels; Discussion; About; Home Trending History Get YouTube Premium ... * My Partner's site on social media: See more videos by UC8691687 Channel: ... Une superbe chanson de Sweet People bien interprétée par Fred ! * Paroles * Je dormais encore ce matin quand tu as découvert Dans mon téléphone des mots d'am... Late-night sophistication from Lita Roza with one of four sides she recorded for EMI's Columbia label during the mid-sixties. Classy arrangement by conductor/composer Ivor Raymonde. Category Entertainment; Song Stray Cat Blues (Mono) Artist The Rolling Stones; Writers Keith Richards, Mick Jagger; Licensed to YouTube by Hi YouTube I'm Bounty Hunter D, welcome to my channel. Ride along with me as my West Coast Bounty Team and I arrest defendants that are out on bond. Remember... Lifetime is airing a special edition of ‘Jodi Arias: Dirty Little Secret’ on Aug. 8. HL caught up with Tania Raymonde about playing Jodi Arias in the Lifetime movie. One of Lifetime’s most ... Back in 1984, a scrappy kid from New Jersey named Daniel LaRusso moved cross-country to California's San Fernando Valley and squared off against a gang of bu...